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It didn't let me down so I got a message from Missouri Craig. She says that her dog is going in for surgery and apparently must be like routine with his dog goes in and gets lumps removed and it comes home. She said normally she gets the dog bathe. Before it goes I was in. And apparently he's Stinky Dog He stinks usually right after he gets a bath anyway. Some dogs just do and she she actually missed a grooming appointment before the surgery so she said now. The dog's going dirty and I'm gonNA come home sneaky. You know. What can she do because she can't wash the dog because he's going to have stitches? And you know it's it's a real easy quick fix fix. I mean as long as the dog isn't disgustingly dirty and has been out in a mud. It's it's actually pretty easy. It's it's Stuff that you can have in your house and I'M GONNA modify it a little bit because are going to make it a little bit easier. Just a quarter cup of white vinegar and a cup of distilled water still. What always works a little bit better Especially when when you deal with the dog that You know has an injury just for it just works better no minerals nothing. That's GonNa build up and nothing like that and spray the pet but still stay away from the stitches and work in really good. You can either use your hands and you use a brush and then just towel dry area. Let an air dry now. I always talk about a carrier solution to remove what's left behind and usually a powder but because there are stitches and usually usually when the veterinarian surgically is surgical clip on your dog to get it right down to the skin and remove the hair. They don't do it as good as a groom. And a lot of times you know irritation tation will Develop and sometimes. The powder could actually irritated as well. So don't use anything. Just work that in. Brush it out with the white vinegar is GonNa do. You know it's it's funny because As most people know I also have a line of cleaning products for pets and The cameras and actually made it said you know he goes actually the best thing to remove. uh-huh urine smell and dog. Smell is white vinegar he goes. It actually works better than anything that we could develop but it just doesn't last long once you mix it with water so didn't have they had chemicals to it so this is an easy way you know. Don't store too long the last about two weeks and Then I wanNA stitches get out then you can go have your pet. Groom but in the meantime you'll to have a dog that actually Smells good and vinegar. Smell goes away so it's not smell like a salad So will you just actually giving us advice how to avoid avoid buying your own product line. was that what I just heard no not at all because well it might. This is for cleaning dog and my product line does a lot of other things besides besides that. So now you can you can go out there and by Giovanni pet products if you'd like to but You know listen. I give the Animal Radio people of Bonus 's okay. They don't have to go out and purchase anything because they probably have it in a house. Y- throw them a bone. Joey I throw them a bone given a dog a bone breath. Remember the The group error. Yes song that keyboard player here from rare earth will be joining us today. Mike Bruner. He's actually our hero person I. He's our hero person. I don't know what he did but we'll find out just a few minutes right here. ORLANDO Vinnie Penn.. Party animal. Animal coming at you on animal radio today a very important topic naming your pet. Now I'M GONNA Italian. I don't know if you can ascertain that from the Vinnie. Penn is an abbreviation of a very long Italian name. That I can't get into here but when it comes to Italians Italians have a very interesting way of nicknaming people which you could actually find all of this out in my new book. Coming out called the Guidos credos available at bookstores everywhere everywhere the end of the summer. I hope you'll check out. Check me out. Triple W. Dot Vinnie Penn Dot net. But.

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