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In the United States. There's a lot of real optimism out there, and it was reflecting in our stock market as well our economy is surging along surging. It's a rocket ship right now this market on fire and here again, how could they be so wrong? I was calling the crack and positioning my my members. These people are out there telling you, everything was great. Everything's fantastic. How could they be so wrong today? More than forty five percent of the stocks and the S and P five hundred five hundred companies are down more than twenty percent while they're Cal you to buy them hours telling you to get out of them and Chartres them. Housing crash for Nikki. How could he missed the housing crash? You remember when he said, oh, we'd never have a housing crash. Never the prices would never go down. He said. Can you imagine? That's what he said. He was so wrong. Prices did go down. But what was I saying at the same time? Predict and in two thousand and five or collapse of the housing market. This Phil gang feller. He was on it and nobody else who's predicament predicted. But he was he was on the money with he knew he was talking in two thousand five he was talking about. How people have the teaser rates with their mortgages. And the whole thing was going. Got to respect that. And here was saying, oh, this is a bubble burst. And this is going to be a real issue for the economy's some say could even cause a recession at some point. I guess I don't buy your premise. It's a pretty unlikely possibility we've never had the client house prices at a nationwide nationwide basis. Now, I called the crash. There's others as well. I call that crash, but here Brunetti. Oxford masters degree PHD. These educated nincompoops, how could they be wrong? How could I call the housing crash? How could I call on January sixteenth? Not only the crash is this the first day the beginning of it that I sent December. I kept it ear out. It's a capitulation would start in December and December guess what happened? Capitulation who was the worst December in history. I don't have a high school diploma. I'm not proud of that. I had to go to work and to bring money home for the family. My mother and father, brother. Go work. But I got a better education going out there in the real world working that ever get going to Harvard or Yale for God's sakes, because that's what they produce these Inca popes. Are you kidding me? They can't predict anything they can predict the stock market if they tripped over it. So. They also like parrots listen to they all sound like parrots, the market's on fire. The economy is booming. Every they all say the same thing, the economy overall is incredibly strong, and that continues to be the story that the economy here in the United States and then go on and on. They they all parodying. Ijaz jabar's these experts parrot the same cheerful things over and over and God forbid, if you're a contrarian. You're contrary you go out and one of those shows. Can will be worth more or less in two thousand seven. He's sky high real estate prices are gonna come crashing back down to earth. I I have no idea would Peterson is talking about the profits. That people have.

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