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Stay connected stay informed como morning news it's five oh two Thursday morning has arrived we have mostly cloudy skies in Seattle we have had some showers overnight and there's plenty more of that on the way along with Greg Herschel time and the fact that you're the top stories from the call twenty four seven news center a member of Congress from our state attended the White House meeting between president trump and democratic leaders yesterday which both sides have characterized as a meltdown Democrat Adam Smith of sea tac says the president trump behaved in away not befitting of the president we get more live from Kamel score when Hank the meeting was about the current military crisis in Syria and ostensibly had nothing to do with the ongoing house impeachment inquiry but it was trump's first face to face meeting with house speaker Nancy Pelosi since that inquiry began democratic leader Chuck Schumer told reporters trump derided pelo C. as a third rate politician Schumer describes as a nasty tirade Washington's Adam Smith was there in his role as chair of the house Armed Services Committee and he tells MSNBC trump behaved typically is very insulting particularly to people who disagree with them and particularly to the speaker and he was very dismissive and very insulting but he kind of always is since since the president was harsh with pelo C. and others in the room in a way that I think is not befitting of president trump has now tweeted a photo of the meeting that shows pelo see standing across the table from a seated president her finger pointed at him from captions this photo quote nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown Corwin Hey komo news after a delay of over a week a wealthy hotel owner from the northwest will finally testify in the impeachment investigation of the president we get the update live from Kamel's Brian Calvert his company's holdings include the Theodore and Max hotels here in Seattle and the iconic Heathman in Portland it said that is one million dollar gift to the president's inauguration as what landed Seattle area native Gordon Simon the gig of U. S. ambassador to the European Union has also given me other special assignments including Ukraine the day after our presidents now infamous phone call to Ukraine's president sign then spoke about Mr trump on Ukraine government TV and is already accomplished a great deal in record time including building the beginnings of a world class team that are going to work seamlessly with all of his friends today Simon will testify behind closed doors about his relationship with Ukraine and whether he knew anything about accusations that the U. S. president past that country to investigate the Biden family I in Calvert colonias is what's coming up after we check traffic and weather a class action lawsuit has been filed against you'll be E. cigarette maker and it's right here in king county Carly Johnson live let's get you on the road are como Tripoli traffic good morning cara good morning Amanda and Greg so we don't have any blocking problems on the roadways the rain is starting to creep in in areas though and it really did a number on the commute yesterday so we'll see what it does for us today right now the drives are looking typical that means mostly Smith but it is slow on north and I five eight two comma city center we have often on sterling north at one six seven three seven and self but I. five with a very small slow down at the Boeing freeway in Everett our next como traffic at five fourteen let's get our forecast now there is on him for gray skies today showers at times some of those showers are gonna be fairly heavy be ready for wet roadways for the morning and evening commute our temps today mid fifties it best in over the next couple days really keep a common one system after another so showers grace guys through the weekend in a lower still level but coming to late Friday.

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