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Jerry recco. Joe Boylan Paul Shrager with you assembly hall, and it has gone well on senior day for Indiana as they have stretched to a twenty two point lead with ten forty nine to go here in the second half. So what are your thoughts? It's your first visit to in the assembly hall. What do you think? Very nice. You like those walk up steps to the. I will say it's bigger than I thought it was on TV at it. Fair doesn't TV to me. It looks like a small gym arena. You walk in at the height and the depths of the blazer much bigger than it than it appears on television when you walk in. From one side you see those banners. Those national championship as five that makes. Brooke leader kissing the game for Rutgers. Let's just needs a spurt. Here's sits take out within nine fifty one forty nine seventeen four. Fifty one forty two case down low for Carter left lane guarded by Davis. Carter puts up almost put it in. He was fouled. He's got knocked to the ground. So shack Carter will go to the line is Davis picks up personal foul. That's his second. And so- shack Carter owes to the line. Sixty three percent of the season McDonald a lot of opportunities. You can imagine. Nobody will get to hear six team foul, Indiana eighteen or twenty six big ten. Got a nice looking stroke. First one is up in thanking check sixty eight forty seven. Carter's first point of the afternoon. Second free throw is good again to for to for shack. Carter sixty eight forty eight ten thirty five to play in the end of the ball at twenty point advantage. Venezia up the floor met by McConnell dribbles to his left back to the right? Get Jon Morgan a left side three. No good. And Davis, grabs the rebound. And then he's either foul though, steps on the sideline thought they were gonna call a foul. Peter kiss. So Rutgers gets it back. That's three possessions in their last four. They've taken ill advised threes. Indiana. I'm talking about. Coach Miller is red in the face about those last couple of shots. Also wanted a foul called on this. Good hustle by Peter officials said coach we called enough fouls. Why haven't they? Mcconnell nearside for Rutgers gets to the wing sort of top for Harper loves side. Omori beyond the arc calls for kids to come. Get the ball fakes the hand off ulcers dribble down low for shack corner. One on one with Dave is mortgage comes over ties about thousand. And you know, it's funny. Caused like this all well and good. But they weren't there. When the games a game. That's what I was gonna say. And at this point anybody, by the way in fairness Morgan did hit him in the forehead with his. So he will come out of the game picking up his fourth foul. But. At the end of the day. We fouls will look even. But boy when Indiana was making that run you couldn't breathe on them. Cry at time they doubled the quarter in the low post one in one opportunity for Carter any knocks dance. He's three for three from the line. And that was good foul. He did hit. No question about it. But the whistle blew before him. Actual. And. Big difference mortgage not playing much of this game. Like, he didn't play much of the first, no doubt. You see the impact? He had second free throw. Good to for to for shack Carter sixty eight fifty Rutgers now by eighteen nine fifty to play here in the second couple of stops Mortgaga the game here Davis at the left. Elbow guarded by Carter. And the ball off to finish tied up by McConnell goes for the steel now, they call a fallow McConnell. My goodness. There's just no flow at times. If you have a hard time listening this game is because the game has no flow. But just. Puts finish to the line shooting one and one. Still for Rutgers misses the foul shot high rebound, the flicked it into the hands of Carter. Here comes Peter kiss off the.

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