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NYC the York at 5 32 a good Thursday morning at Michael hill 55 in overcast now today's sunny and 64 The city health department has released its full guidance for a private sector businesses and venues that must adopt a new mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy employers must keep employee vaccine records and reasonable accommodation requests on farm or face fine starting at a $1000 The rules require people to have one shot of the Johnston Johnson vaccine or two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine if they pick the two dose shot workers have 45 days from their first shot to get the second one and present a vaccine record to their bosses Workers must file proof of at least one dose to their employer by December 27th the day the mandate takes effect The New York City council has passed a controversial bill to rezone Soho and no hoe to allow taller buildings and more retail as well as almost a thousand new affordable housing units mayor de Blasio has backed this plan since it was first introduced in 2019 Not just because of new housing and jobs and the opportunity for local businesses to do better but also because it says we need affordable housing everywhere in New York City including in the most privileged communities Under the plan upwards of 20% of new housing units must be affordable to families at three earning 42,000 to $64,000 a year but some opponents argue the rezoning could incentivize developers to demolish existing rent stabilized departments in favor of retail and office buildings Mayor de Blasio has awarded the key to New York City to hazel dukes the president of the NAACP New York State conference The mayor said dukes is activism and mentorship of young leaders helped make the city a more equitable place at a ceremony yesterday in city hall dukes said she stride for a world that was better than the one she grew up in What is a better way than to wake up in the morning to say good morning to a neighbor that looked like you What a great way for our children to get on a bus and go into a classroom and see other children and also see teachers that look like them Dix is also the president of her own consulting firm which focuses on public policy health and diversity A spring like partly sunny 64° day ahead for us gusty two Slim chance of late night showers at 55 overnight at a mostly sunny and 55 tomorrow Right now 55 in overcast in the city at 5 34 Support for NPR comes from WNYC members and from the kresge foundation expanding opportunities in America's cities through grant making and social investing More at kresge dot org And yarl and Pamela moan thanking the people who make public radio great every day and also those who listen It's morning edition from NPR news the main Martinez and Culver City California And I'm Stevens gay in Washington D.C. good morning The drastic increase in coronavirus cases in the United States has largely not been driven by the variant until now Now it's all around us detected in 36 states just as winter arrives NPR's Allison Aubrey joins us once again Allison Good morning Good morning Steve How quickly is oma cron spreading Very quickly cases can double every two days I think what's happening in Houston Texas right now really sheds like it could take over for the last few months the city has had pretty low levels of COVID the CEO of Houston methodist hospital Mark boom told me they were in good shape after a big Delta search earlier that last summer But what he has seen over the last several days changes the picture completely We've seen our positivity rates go from about 6% to 20% So there's little doubt that once this is there and spreads it spreads rapidly I mean this is replacing delta in our community at a rate we've never seen And I would expect a matter of weeks only before it is all that we're dealing with his own product As of late last night 32% of positive sequenced at the hospital are now omicron and doctor boom says even if most cases are mild and only a small fraction lead to hospitalization they could still be hard for hospitals to keep up Yeah that's the problem If you have millions of cases over time you could end up with many many thousands who are hospitalized I want to ask about news item from New York now Ithaca New York Cornell University had a quick rise in cases which is going to be of concern to anybody who has somebody that they love on a university campus somewhere What's being done to control the spread Well the university's provost Michael cough told me that they first detected Democrat cases on Sunday They did a bunch of sequencing after noting a steady rising cases starting a few weeks back Now the campus is 98% vaccinated and almost all of the cases have occurred in fully vaccinated students We've been seeing a 50% rise in cases day over day So Cornell moved final exams online They canceled all social gatherings among undergraduates and they've told students they can go home Khalikov says they're now seeing the beginning of a plateau because students are now either isolated or they're leaving the campus Our very many students getting sick You know there have been no hospitalizations but remember this is a young pretty healthy population and Michael klokov says they are keeping tabs on students who've been infected Almost all either asymptomatic or mild symptoms the majority of students have been asymptomatic that have been detected but we're isolating those students for ten days Clearly they don't want students to go home and spread it to more vulnerable family members or friends Does the experience of the UK and recent days point to where we in the United States might be before long You know we're typically about three weeks behind the UK And what happened yesterday in Britain they reported more than 78,000 new cases that's the highest number of infections in a single day since the start of the pandemic the majority of cases in London are now from Omaha and during an afternoon press conference prime minister Boris Johnson announced what he called a jab athon aimed at getting people boosted We're jabbing in hospitals where jabbing in surgeries were jabbing in pharmacies and in pop up centers where jabbing in shopping centers and on high streets in football stadiums we are throwing everything at it And wherever you are will be there with a jab for you You know he's basically saying you're not going to be able to escape the shot Okay so first I'm very much in favor of the word jab athon We should find more ways to use that in the language but is there evidence that the booster shots really do help against this.

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