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Going on In the D.C. on I three 95 you want to go with the main lanes The main span of the 14th street bridge for about two hours the crash in the express lanes above the Potomac has been blocking most of the left side and now traffic is held so in addition to a toll if you're solo you're going to be stopped in the express lanes at the 14th street bridge It is heavy in the main lanes but they are open Traffic is sluggish through southeast and southwest on the freeway and up and down D.C. and interstate two 95 It's a heavy Wednesday Volume delays aside specific incidents is what we're going to focus on right now The crash in Maryland on the Italy near the temple hill road overpass is way off on the right shoulder one in the ditch but the lanes are open It or loop near van dorn the burned car is now on the right shoulder but delays remain on the ITER loop Believe we had one breaking down westbound on 66 beyond centerville near bull run That driver may have limped out of the way but that touched off pretty significant ripple in the traffic flow through cedarville On the northbound George Washington Parkway under one 23 we had a couple stopped in the left lane exchanging information Leaving Montgomery county in fairland toward burtonsville on route 29 traffic is backed up caller says it's one broken down your green castle road in the left lane And the crash on Georgia avenue was southbound south of Vera mill road near Wyndham lane if anything remains it would hopefully just be blocking one lane at this point ID me the identity verification comedy committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans more at ID slash our promise Dave golden WTO traffic Just storm team four and Ryan Miller Looking at some fine weather here this evening across the region temperatures close to 60° and we're going to continue to be near 60 through about 7 50.

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