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Stoner dot com Tracy my team do offer benefits to offer line what offer only company well you know it depends so with any company whether be small art or large we have different group benefits that can be offered to to the employees they can either be fully paid by the employer they can be partly paid by the employer in part by the employee or the employer can actually just offer it to the employee and let the employee pay it so for instance one of my favorite that most people don't have it is an employee whole life policy in the beautiful part of that is that when a person leave that particular company it follows them and so most people don't realize and it's interesting I think if you did a survey nine out of ten people do not realize that their insurance policy does not follow them so with the group benefits I can offer life and disability okay for group whether it's a group you know two employees to in over a hundred so they're different different ways are underwriting that they need to go through so if it's under fifty have a little bit under running but not much if it's over fifty it's a guaranteed type issue so that's kind of good anyway getting back to that so life until disability is an easy thing this usually offered I do offer that with group benefits but again my favorite is what is called a permanent whole life policy and people don't understand they've been brainwashed in some ways to think that it's something that they don't need and that they don't need to later there is not anyone I know that has a permanent policy when they're gone gone going into retirement that they get why did I buy that why did my parents get that for me why did I get that my employer that followed me so to me for an employer to actually offer that to the employee and them know that they have something for a final expense or something that they can have to retirement is a beautiful thing to have it is the only company it says a whole lot about the company and so when you're a business owner there's some things you want to offer your employees that they can't get outside with other employers in so when you're talking about a smaller company there you know it might be the benefits that you offer them it could be that it's as simple as and maybe it's not the life insurance part maybe it's the long term care that you actually gave them the option to get connected with someone like me that to to start that before they retire before they need it and is so anyway as an employer it you know what I find is the the more successful business owners do care about their employees and they do want down to to have certain benefits available to them even if the employer is not the one paying the premium yet to me as a business owner what you just said creates loyalty in a loyalty is what makes or breaks companies I thank I don't know what night you know my father was one of those true entrepreneurs and I love to watch them through the years I was fortunate enough to work with him for I guess twelve thirteen years after I graduated from college but what I use on him the you know you know still is something that you know when I think about having my own business as I do it's like you know when you have an employee you want to take care of them and all of his employees that he that that he had they all knew that he would take care of them and it wasn't like he had to give them all the money it was like if they had a situation or problem or something is like he took them under their wing and you know they they trusted him and so for him to offer certain benefits to them even if it was something that he did not pay for they paid for but it was offered because he was the employer it was it was huge for the employees that you know that you know he had if you want to talk about getting this for the possibility of your company you reach out.

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