Myrtle Beach, Dell, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Twenty six bible talks with the state capital and with you here's the latest from the state's most trusted source for news the voice of charleston ninety six point five fm five eighty am wchs three eighty five degrees with plenty of sunshine in the capital city good afternoon i'm tower yuda sack in the five eighty wchs radio newsroom accuweather today says sunny to partly cloudy very warm and then tonight partly cloudy and mild low of fifty eight we'll hear much more in the forecast coming up after the news county leaders high school principals and local law enforcement officers say an initiative to protect students on prom and graduation is returning again this year a press conference was held earlier today i'd can all county metro nine one one for what's called operation gpa that stands for graduate prom alive south charleston high school principal mike arbogast says the goal is to prevent drunk driving accidents we'll tell you that up daunting tasks of attending funerals of my children are students at our school and that's singlehandedly the most difficult thing we can ever do sprints in our school they're like losing our own children and not supposed to be that way officers will be at the schools during proms and graduations it's a gorgeous day for the annual walk run for justice on the canal boulevard today some serious runners out here today going from head riverfront park and our beautiful capital city to the capital and back in honor of victims of violence that's kimberly eagle the victim's services coordinator with the charleston police department the racist part of national crime victims rights week west virginia education association president dell lease says a combination of things has contributed to low test scores for west virginia's fourth in eighth grade students one problem he says is that teachers are being tied down with constantly changing standards there's not enough time to learn so much out these kids in hoping that they get it as it continues on let's go back to the basics he was a guest on today's metronews talkline scores from the national assessment of education progress were released earlier this week showing virtually no improvement in math and reading in west virginia yeager airport's nonstop flight service to myrtle beach and fort lauderdale begins tomorrow the seasonal flights are through spirit airlines flyers have through november to book flights which is.

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