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This is why i'm certainly he spent most of his time trying to type trying to get away from the background noise from his his son and his sister and his sister susie who played the bagpipes so it was a good refuge for him and he sat here over the sign of jira desperately trying to get the manuscript finished he was beginning to think that he was going to die i'm on the road which runs pretty much the whole length of jira and it was on this road that george wells cobb broke down as he was leaving the island for the last time is companions went to get a repack it and the writer was left with his son richard who well remembers that cold dark january afternoon in nineteen forty nine i do recall i was sitting in the backseat with him and breaking down on this this loan contract between bond hill and lesser and we're just sitting there as you can imagine a of doc often noon in in winter to in january and he would to while away the time he would tell me little stories i think you had been given a suite of some sort and they always sat and waited for them to come and fix the vehicle mix a car and we went on down to survey i think he's spent the night there i regard the west coast and juror is my spiritual home just living there as a little boy was so wonderful all i can say is that my ashes we'll go through when when the time comes not sometime soon i hope but quarterback reckon will finally get it's june one day that was james shah what katherine amazing isn't it to hear the story behind.

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