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Light. Rush Limbaugh, America's real anchorman and a household name all four corners of the world. Go back to the phones Seattle. And this is Pete great to have you Pete. How are you? I am fine. Russia honored to talk to you. Thank you, very much, sir. The. In that those four fellows committed was not being swamped Weller. They were probably wait. Wait, wait. Wait, wait, hang on. He's talking about the four people that were innocent that were kept in jail by Muller. So as to protect Whitey Bulger's informed status. Okay. These four they were not swamped Weller saying so in that case Muller. Crime was a crime of omission, not upcoming if you know comparing it to sit and crimes are compatible to send now you go. If your memories a little longer, your member this these people that were referred to as the White House travel office. I remember. And I find it very comparible. They probably weren't the same type of people, but they were not at the level where you would consider them swamp. Dwellers they were just on the edge. And since since Hillary needed those position for her friends to occupy what is this to do? What is the travel office have to do with these people that were kept in jail by Mahler? Same notion. What notion your inconvenient to the swamp? Dwellers? We will take care of you one way or another. There's one set of rules for people like. Oh, like truck drivers. And and garbage men, and whatever farmers. That's not the point. That's not the point of telling the story. The point of the Steidl care who the four are rather swamped welders Miller didn't keep them in jail because they're swamped Weller 's he kept them in jail because he valued the informed status of a mass murdering Boston mobster more than the innocence of four people. He knew were innocent. It's not one of our swamped welders or not. The point is the here we have Mr. honor, Mr. integrity, Robert Muller, running this two and a half year investigation of Donald Trump and weather not he's fit to be in office. Did he colluded with Russia? Then he obstruct Justice is he evil not affi-. Does he deserve to be thrown up? That's the whole point of this. Actually, it wasn't the whole point was to find a mechanism to get rid of him. Because they don't like the guy. It wasn't even about his fitness. It was just about the fact they don't like the guy a mad that he won that he outsmarted them and the guy trying to find evidence sufficient to get rid of Trump is the same guy who let four innocent people languish in jail. Two of them died in jail in order to protect his investigation. He wasn't even getting at the truth. He had four people in jail for doing something. They had not done in the he didn't put them there. But he kept them there. And the point is if we're trying to arrive at the truth of things, this is not the guy to do it. I know what you're saying. You're saying they were not swamped at our average Americans. And that's why they were allowed to rot in jail. If they had been special elitists than Muller would have found a way to let them out. That Whitey Bulger was important because it was identifying serious criminals, and they were much more valuable to get the niece four guys innocence was but the point no matter how you slice. This is that the investigator who discovered that these four people were innocent and were kept in jail despite that has now been appointed to investigate Muller and the FBI and the DOJ to find out of this investigation of Trump was legit. It's a it's a means of expressing who this guy is what is discovered in the past what he's capable discovery. And then after he learns that he reports it. I mean, this guy could have after learning what he learned about the case here, he could hidden it. He said nothing he could have protected Muller. He could have protected the people that were instrumental in keeping four innocent people in jail for decades two of them died in jail. But he didn't he reported the truth. The whole point of all of this today is to suggest that this guy who bar has appointed is the guy to get to the bottom of it whether elites or non swamped welders are are involved. Here's dean in Valparaiso or Valparaiso, Indiana. Great to have you. Hello. Hi megadeal been listening since nineteen eighty nine. Thank you, sir. Question all these people that have been lying and saying things about rush of about Trump be asked by this new guy about things that they got it's could be from leaks. Illegal like, these guys that are been trashing Trump for a couple years. Now, how big it information? What are you? Are you asking me if this investigation can investigate Nadler and Adam Schiff? Yeah. All the guys swamp that have been pointing fingers and how they get their information was legal. I don't think the investigation is going to go to Nadler and shift. The investigation is going to go to who is leaking to them. It's going to go to who. Who's that? That's this investigation is not to get Democrats. Per se. This is that's what. Well, for the longest time they've been lining up all kinds of people around to get them to eat lie or or not tell them what they want to hear. And then putting them making them use her house, and you know, having to pay moyer's fees that they can't afford this happening. I don't understand. No the investigation is is is not a at Nadler or shift the voters take care of elected officials. They do things wrong. This is not an investigation. Congress executive branch cannot do that. Executive branch cannot invest congress in the congress has oversight exactly branch. They tried that that would be held to pay that would be a constitutional crisis. This investigation is the executive branch looking into itself to find out what it did to try to find out if there was involvement from a Hillary Clinton campaign the sourcing for the Steele dossier. How it ended up as a counterintelligence investigation rather than and what dishonesty enroll the media played in perhaps. But they can't even go after the media on this. They can identify them a name them, but they cannot charge them. This is strictly an investigation of the commes in caves and whoever else that we haven't heard about. The try to find out if this investigation wasn't fact, they trumped up political operation. Was the Trump administration actually being spied on did the Hillary Clinton Barack Obama administration takeover and corrupt the FBI the department of Justice and turn it into a political weapon against the Republican candidate for president. And then his presidency and administration. That's what is being looked into not Schiff and Nadler, and if Schiff Nadler were leaked information, that's a pack allies, they not get not going to investigate them. They can't Zecchini branch can't go after these guys. Let me think a break we'll be back here in just a second. The number.

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