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But that's okay the bigger part is like you're gonna if you're going to pick apart the things he didn't do the super bowl and again. I'm not even a tom. Brady guy but i will tell you. They're down. twenty eight to three to atlanta falcons. I took my kids in. And i was like guys sorry. Patriots lost this year. And then i watched the greatest comeback in the history of the super bowl. It was authored by the same thomas. Edward patrick brady was it was about the defense you kidding me and it was a terrible coaching job. By shanahan or you. That's why tom coach winning coach. I'm talking about offense. Doug doing a twenty two yard line doreen field goal. Look our ten twenty with. I'm with you. Nobody blows a game. Nobody wins a game and that the other guy blow in a game. I got it okay. Tom brady tom. Brady was was terrible was under duress was bad for two and a half to three quarters of that game. Game against the atlanta falcons but in order to come back from twenty eight to three they had touchdown drive touchdown drive but touchdown drive touchdown drive. Tom brady was the quarterback correct even on the even. If you want to go to the play. They made against seattle right. Were malcolm malcolm butler had perception right lost and it was the drive before tom brady gets the ball against one of the most dynamic defenses. We've seen the last twenty years and legion of boom marches. Down the football field and scores even when they lost the philadelphia eagles where he made a a bad read his last throw like they didn't punt the entire. The entire was on a line. Like the way you poo poo that he coughed up to football at the end of the game was the difference. Okay but i didn't. They like six hundred yards of offense. Like are we blame. Tom brady for for stephen paddock. Net game who is the best quarterback who who played. Better i would. That's a hard one. Because i mean foles plate foles played. Well we throw a net game that he needed to make la like i'm brady had better stats but foles played patriots. Defense was awful. I it was awful like let's just kind of call it like it is it was it was it was bad but like look if you want. If you want to sit here and defame. Tom brady. I'm not saying you are. You're coming up with with a reason. Not excuse a reason. Why tom brady is is lucky and massively overrated and like look if we had a small sample size that'd be cool. We have a huge sample size. And oh yeah. By the way after the greatest regular season that we have seen in our lifetime sixteen and they lose a close game sukhpal. That whole team comes back the next year and he gets hurt like we didn't even we almost robbed of the prime of tom brady because he had an acl injury and he can't the next year you're coming back at it at the end leaving. Now what did they go in. What the eleven and five brady do you remember that. What brady yeah okay. Yeah really really went down the tank. The tubes would al tom. Brady's rob they went up sixteen in the year before. Okay but they go eleven five eleven games in the..

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