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Undisputed podcast i'm your host joy taylor this podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish busy slate so skip shannon let's get to it welcomes undisputed relied from us angeles joy taylor who was skip bayless and shannon sharma morning water joy blue drill holes give you don't address joined got pockets driss data to stay out of retail shop joy you pocket you walk out the story walk out there which how you is you know a saw my friend kevin hall and you know what he was doing for me he was doing his uncle shannon impression it was funny money you have arrived you are famous joke yeah he's got real it was funny where you do cable heart and pre cut my legs ooh no joy that slipped out your sleep care it that's patty became i didn't say it's an honor to me how you doing shannon oh so you not you hollywood oh you be all over the city i didn't stock him he asked me to drop by how can somebody if i just happened to be somewhere that he has not been a lot of people you don't even eat sushi do you here every day order a water tonight's being night for your man this is it which is the harir on the line don't do legacy hearing here we go let's get started we're jam packed today nba champion richard jefferson and one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl casey hayward chargers are both here today big show but let's start with the cavs they host the pacers in game two tonight after getting blown out in game one lebron had a triple double on sunday but victor depot led the way with thirty two points earlier this week lucid the brand needs to set the tone early shannon who winston.

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