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Keys to the game presented by Evanston, Subaru in Skokie. I had a hunch as we bring it out of the hold. Our sideline reporter gets out of the rain for just a moment. I had a hunch that Coach Pat Fitzgerald might use the term ball security in our pregame conversation, and he certainly did. It's that kind of day. Yeah, nice and toasty and warm up here, but down there, where where I was down there with Fitz. It Z cold and it's wet. It's very wet Ball security is gonna be huge. Unique circumstances here today, guys in many ways you have the it's a rivalry game, but there's awful weather. There's covert. That's been going on. Who wants it more? You know, I think if you look at it from Illinois side That there's Would be almost understandable. If you had some players out there just going, You know, what are we doing here? It's been a crazy season. We have a losing record. The weather is awful. But you know the injuries that you guys talked about earlier. That opens the door for some younger guys that probably hadn't played a whole lot. And they're gonna be motivated to come out here and play. So Northwestern. Just you have to stay kind of laser focused on this game, not look ahead to next week, but at the same time You know, there's some things in this game. They're gonna ply the next week. Ted, like you've got to figure out a way to get that running game going now, because if you can't do it today, that really raises some questions about how you're gonna do it next week in Indy. Well, this calls for a running game day all the way and I look it Running back's going to be used today. Drake Anderson, who obviously has been the workhouse workhorse here recently, number one Russia with 252 yards, but we're gonna see a lot of camp order today, so only that it carries for 32 yards, but he had that one fabulous touchdown. 20 yard run, And then also you've got Evan Hall, who also is a redshirt freshman. I'm not much you're about as a A Bowser. He hasn't really played a whole lot in the last couple weeks since that fumble. It was here against Wisconsin. But this is a day where you have to take advantage of those injuries on The ally in my defense, run the football and run it often remembered as Dave just said earlier. 378 yards a year.

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