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Okay that top one percent Ali say something they'd rather get drafted the top five in one national championship if it's one of the other I I know it's a false choice I'm just telling you that's how it is one more before we go everybody hang out we'll get to all of you let's go to price in Salem Oregon next up on CBS sports radio are you doing today what's up so I couldn't agree with dawn like if I'm if I'm sitting still I go in and out of place when the national final like you said it's the memories it's all that kind of stuff but even even the best college football player isn't guaranteed a top five pick top ten pick he can go out and perform the combine and perform terrible his measurements are terrible all that kind of stuff and you may not be a top to top our top ten pick so go out there and play and prove that you belong to against the best of the best as well you don't think chases permit already like you think he actually needs a bit more on film no I'm not saying here that I think yeah why not go up there and threw it against you know Alabama you Georgia and whether it may be okay that's fair enough thanks for the call price I I think a guy like chase young has done everything you need to do and I'm a guy like him again not a lot of examples like this so you gotta understand that there are very few guys who've done this much like take a joy girl for example he still needs approval more he has gone from a second day's traffic to definitely first round maybe top fifteen and now could be top ten if he plays well against Alabama we could be talking about him as an R. one overall pick in the draft not kidding that's how amazing his climbs been already so player like him still has something to prove chase young I think it's totally opposite I don't think he has anything left to prove and I gave the example Notre Dame fans you remember this Jaylen Smith went from a potential top ten top five pick to going thirty fourth overall that's millions of dollars lost all right eight five five two one two four two two seven if your chase young and you're suspended for more games is your career over for college football and Ohio state or do you roll the dice you go right back out there go on a mission and try to help your team win a national championship all injuries be damned eight five five two a two for CBS with the latest a college football everything else the world sports John fast any by CBS sports radio.

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