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Are all coming soon. Sure and when by the i guess it spins around because they have a little animated animated gif here that spinning around on their thing. See i in something in greek. If something in greek there they've got like bse young. Oh goes by so quick navarra calico. Whatever that is they some istanbul team. They have one and one that spins around. That discipline has the The japanese character re on it. I don't know what that means. I don't know what that's for but there it is. Oh here we go. Oh that's venice. Okay it looks exactly like the japanese character for re. But it's it's supposed to be jay and half of a you. Yeah obviously you know your your good ole anything about soccer. I was shocked that it doesn't say who venice. But i was shocked that i saw. Jv and i knew what that meant. If i'm being perfectly honest you lend. That's the opening price on. That's going to be two euros Where let's see like what like inter milan or something is going to start at Enter whereas inter anybody. Anybody i don't know where that well here. Inter- opening prices to be determined. Okay well that's good. Yeah it looks like most of them are starting at. It's weird like argentinian. One is starting at two dollars. The there's a. Ufc one opening price is going to be two euros. Initial sale not available in usa. Though i don't know what this site is but they're sponsoring two cars this weekend. All right cool. Good for socio so here. I thought i thought i had pretty good grip on this whole. Nfc thing apparently it's actually. It's actually getting further away much like us. As a people are getting further away from god my age is starting to show now then. Finally golden gate casino is going to be on the number thirty eight. This is also with anthony. Alfredo but not this weekend at the glen. They've made that deal for michigan enrichment and that cars. Okay look in. It's not bad awful. It's all right. it's not good. Yeah it's all right. And then i'm just seeing right now that Oh wow oh here. Oh my okay that forever lawn whatever forever. Lawn is is going to sponsor jeffrey earnhardt. Is this in a cup race. Because geoffrey earner doesn't drive the number zero. Does he know that would probably be xfinity. Yep yep wow that's going to be a in september eleventh tribute car so And they're going to run that richmond. So yeah yeah. That's a somber paint scheme for sure That one but that brings us to this weekend at the glen where we do have a whole lot of paint schemes talk about and we kick off the run to the playoffs here as well so i think on how many cars are under. But i think we have the starting line. Thirty seven cars include with a met with his lousy on the poll and my favorite soda. Rc enersen Thirty seven spot. I usually do the You should do the fake version of our cnn that they sell at walmart. I think i think that actually is the fake version o. By walmart he'll be driving the the number fifteen in the premium motorsports car because sure they why not. Yeah here. we've got a james davis back. kyle tilly looking to see if there are any other like roller corsi. Hoop here at mythili. Gary gary special you. Symmetrical return performance. That's pretty good. Yeah not a whole lot of like your wringer type of guys coming in for this one now. The age of the ringer is dead. I think sheltered although there are three spots left boy said could show up tomorrow if he wanted to. I would love that if he did. Any more can be great and of course brings to the only good thing on nascar dot com which subsequently ruined in the media. Kind of okay again. It's not bad the paint scheme preview and like we talked about when we went over some of the sponsors there are quite a few special sponsors and special paint schemes as we get going again in this run toward the playoffs as you look through us or anything that stands out to us being like a particularly good one. The cowboys channel one is very ill advised with. Its artwork of the gun pointing at the number three in some areas below the mason dixon. Line that's kindle trees and yeah i know right. Oh yeah. There's john wayne. He's shooting at the three. Yeah so that's a car that was like is cowboy channel. I'm assuming that's some kind of antennas or pluto. Tv crazy bullshit. I don't know. I've never heard of it before now. Which i guess. It's good that they're advertising it so it's a cable television. What who knew anymore network was founded in nineteen seventy nine as the national christian network and took the name family net in nineteen eighty eight under the ownership of jerry falwell. Of course it's now owned by patrick. Gotch who also owns. Rfid tb and if you want some entertainment man all right. I haven't had our f. d. tv in a while on our cable because they took it off one of the great joys of cable. Tv is watching the tractor show on tv. They just go around the country finding people who have these awesome old tractors. They fixed up brand new condition. Totally bad.

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