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You're listening and watching launch left podcast space for fame creatives to launch the next wave of music rebels in intentional space. You highlighted power artists for him. Radical creativity is not a choice, but in assessing today's guests best. How will let her introduce herself? But she's an incredible writer and artist and we're happy to have her. Please don't forget to follow us. In all socials. Lunch left rating. Subscribe have a great day. Bye early here to have a conversation with you and learn about. I mean one thing that's clear. Is that that you a wrote a book? Yes, and be you ever Jewish grandmother? Guest both of those things are true. And and I guess that's really the that's it hub. I wrote a book about my grandmother told her voice from beyond the grace And my grandmother helped raise me. and My mother went back to work when I was a few weeks, old shoes, one of the only limited, her medical residency programs at the time in the eighties, and there was no such thing as maternity leave I just had a baby a seven month, old son and so i. See how very different it is! Now, but I'm also one of the only women in my field. I'm a lighter I read for Jimmy. Kimmel live. That's my day job. But. This book is the combination I'm holding up. This book is. Really does feel like my life's work. And is the story of the woman who stepped in raised me. it her image, and it's told as voicemails dialogue Ange pros all from her perspective knowing she's dead. And I've dedicated to my son to bring him close to her They'll never meet of course and. Hopefully it brings some comfort and solace. Joy To people who are living in this surreal moment that we are in in in every way. How often do you miss your grandmother? And Yeah wasn't every day. And is that why you started to sort of making them allegation? It seems like of all of these different things. She taught you or spoke to you about to you. Yeah, that's a good question. I how often I miss her I. Miss Her a sort of like this pilot light all the time. It's like the slow burn that I think anyone who's grieving or has lost. A loved one understands that the missing never goes away it's the and oftentimes the memories of her. Send that. Somebody loves twos Nanga with US can bring great joy at sometimes that memory can feel like a knife press tear through that can that can really feel like. God I don't know I. Don't know if I can link. Breathe through this because I. Miss them so much and that. Is those complicated feelings of bringing back memories to feel close to her at last and remember the good times and bringing back memories to sort of like deepen that feeling of loss, both exists in the book, and so there are people who read it until like this. Look so far. I feel like I know your grandmother now. What a character! What a fabulous woman and they're like! Oh God! This is my grief. Journey new articulated it at this is this is. This must've been so painful for you to ray at. Both are true I wrote it. Because I delivered her eulogy at her funeral. She and I were extremely close. I was tasked with delivering the Eulogy, and I wrote the eulogy in her voice. So delivered it as her being. It's a terrible thing to be dead. Look upset you all are and I'm not here. everyone started laughing. And I looked at my relatives were like laughing and crying and I was like okay, captured voice, and brings her back might bring joy to people. Is So special in so I think really important especially in times of crisis, but in general to. Begin to talk about the very thin veil between grief and joy you know, and how important how how they do coexist in an and how it's important to laugh. When, you're most sad to have joy. Some sorts of that you can have some relief from that intense grieving now, and so I always look to Comedians are people who are you know trying to put more joy molecules in the in the room? Because I truly think that that hell swing, you're really scared or grieving or any number of the negative emotions. We think we think they're negative, but they're just part of life. They're very very close together and so I appreciate that you not only like you proven that through the Book and do even that Eulogy was what I really when he saw that in real time with your own relatives, how magical that must or at least like felt like you could do something to comfort them. Is that right totally. That's wrong. I love joy molecules I feel like that. That's that's. That's like a little bit feels like. That's my thing it's. ME. It's my trademark jaw. For good reason, it's it also. It feels like my my whole job on this planet. At my day job is like is to is to make people laugh at the end of the day. And by default at home, growing up as a little girl to physician parents who are really serious situations all the time. My mom is retired now. She was a psychiatrist who dealt with nine eleven first responders post, traumatic stress disorder and that was her. She dealt with the most. Segi accurately extreme cases, and my father was the director of an intensive care unit up in in Harlem, and so he I grew up in New York this live, and so he was seeing people die every day. Multiple people die every day, and so my job as a little girl was to like be the comic relief. Had to really get to the heart. Jokes to land. It wasn't like. Bring, good cheer and have a general attitude I had to like had time it well, and it had to sway. WHO's tough crowd? atomised joy molecules. That's that's. That's what I do and. So You know people who have have asked me like. What's it like? Release Your debut book in a pandemic. And have. The tour council, the average canceled for the safety of humanity. And I think the like somebody I was talking to. My husband about today was like this feels. Like a more special time to bring people joy from his book. Than just a regular like Oh, it's getting good buzz and if you're at a bookstore, maybe the cover is attractive you now it feels just more urgent and personal, and even if it's A. On a smaller scale, it does feel like the people who are reading it and connecting with it all right. These crazy reviews on Amazon. They're like I've read it in one sitting I'm laughing and.

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