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At 6 on 7 20 Now back to the game Three two 9 52 to go in the third period from the Gila river arena in Arizona Nicole check The legend John Weidman and Joe brand back at the studio the hawks trying to hold on Forget holding on How about the another couple on the scoreboard as Arizona coyotes just before the TV timeout were able to pull themselves to within a goal You and I were talking about to bring it at nauseam at the top of this broadcast Nick Maybe now is when the cat chips in Yeah why not He's got a flair for the dramatic See if he can find a way to come through He's had more than enough opportunities We've got that bandito again Now capo Bianco from the left point fires along wrist shot That's tip wide This puck in the right wing corner galchenyuk's got it And he was bothered by Reese Johnson who deflects the puck down to the coyote blue line Cap will Bianca there and then he mishandled the puck back in the coyote zone lafferty in the right wing corner Sidesteps a check flips the puck behind the net to the left wing corner Kaju leaving it there for lafferty Puck taken back however by Smith put the puck up the boards kept in by mccabe left pointer aguilla high slot long wrist shot deflects over top of the net in the near corner capo Bianco turned the puck over to Reese Johnson along the left wing boards He slings it down to the corner for kuchuk who ends up with a puck Here's the chip fitted up the slot regula shoots And for Malcolm makes the butterfly saving holds on Outstanding opportunities there generated by that fourth line centered by Reese Johnson with lafferty on his right and cache on his left They went to work out there and they produced a couple of great chance and a great read by Alec rakugo His winger that was supposed to cover him or ghoul of the right defenseman Alex galchenyuk the left winger on the ice in that position Johnny You have to know where your defenseman is at at all times Galchenyuk was sagging so low towards the net That all rakula had to do with skate towards and that he had plenty of room as Sam lafferty maybe even would have been interfered with this He was sent to the ice but I just love the recognition and the heads up play from ruby to be able to put himself in a spot Where he has a great opportunity to shoot it at the neck Charlotte wins this draw to the right point to Seth Jones He leaves it there for Patrick Kane Set it through to bring it in the high slot He's chased over the half boards there by Strowman but put the puck down to the corner to bring it to strome Put it behind the net to Kane and left wing corner then to the left wing boards to bring it Put it into the high slot for Seth Jones a little slap pass is picked off by schmaltz who carries the center ice and then he lost the puck to vlasic hawk defenseman will drive it down into the coyote in Schmaltz took it back along the near boards hands it off the Barrett hayton Hayden and center ice Andrew lad of the hawk line runs into a check from vlasic at the point Coughed up the puck to Alex lassick Young defenseman who scored his first NHL goal a while ago put the puck over to Seth Jones who clears the center ice taken back by the coyote Then Dustin Boyd had the Pope checked away by vlasic at the hawk blue line Coyotes have to regroup Boyd takes a pass from Strowman across the hawk line in the right wing Send the puck down to the corner Alec rago there to meet the charge and poke the puck free and break that all up And then loose puck in front of the hawk net tossed away by Russell to Dane from the left wing boards firing along.

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