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Lebrun averaged twenty eight points his junior year in high school and the inority average this senior year twenty nine and a half he could have average sixty he walked into the nba the next year an average twenty in professional basketball lebron james only average the point and a half more junior to senior year why because lebron james made the decision in high school it ain't about me it's about us sort of the way relationships work passing is the ultimate sign of respect michael jordan and kobi are scores and in the world of basketball that carries a great deal of white with fans but cobian mj would dropped twenty nine shoot 45 percent they didn't elevate other teammates their sheer production elevated the team no question but look braun only scored one and a half points more a game junior to senior year he coulda gone from twenty eight as a junior to forty eight as a senior he could score 40 easily a night in the nba he only as the seventh most field goal attempts in the nba this year and by the way that will be about 10 or 12 when isaiah thomas comes back when he'll start shooting even less never forget this lebrun is going to end up the number two scorer in the history of professional basketball now think about that surpassing mj cobi and he leaves about ten to twelve points a night two others michael jordan and kobe bryant never left a point on the table michael jordan took over three thousand shots more than abhran through 1100 games.

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