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Santa anita's scheduled to host the biggest day event and US horse racing. The Breeders Cup on November first and second. But biscuits, CBS news. Israel's president says he is shocked by German officials comment that he would not advise Jews to wear skullcaps in parts of the country. It's drawing mixed reaction and home. He's calls to capitulation to antisemitism today. A German newspaper printing cut out, skullcap and today's edition. I'm Taylor CBS news. Rescue efforts, cancel. I'm sippy Burkey? That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty thirties, have called off a rescue mission for a man who fell off the oceanside pier Saturday morning just after three thirty AM and oceanside harbor. Police spokesman said the twenty year old man was with group of friends when he tried to stand on top of a railing, then lost his balance and fell dozens of feet into the water where he disappeared before rescue boat and swimmer could reach him nine arrests out of thirteen drivers screened in four hour. Late night, early morning sweep it ended three yesterday morning eight hundred vehicles pass through the checkpoint in Pacific beach on Ingram street. According to police say, they screened, thirteen drivers out of those thirteen nine were arrested on suspicion of DUI. In sports, the San Diego Padres fall of the Toronto Blue Jays last night, ten to one right now at Lindbergh field. It's cloudy and fifty seven degrees. AMC. Seven sixty K FM, be talk and breaking news. Good morning. This is America in the morning from Westwood One news. I'm John trout hits. Monday may twenty seventh twenty nineteen coming up on America in the morning. President Trump and Japan's Prime Minister Ave meet for talks here. What Trump has to say about North Korea. President Trump not concerned about Kim Jong UN's short range missile tests, going against his national security adviser and his own golfing partner. Costantini in Washington. A deadly twister devastate in Oklahoma town with the life of the tree of our time Clayton Neville, a legendary quarterback who was beloved on and off the field. I was always grateful by star has died on Jan Johnson. It's the most expensive drug ever. But why does it cost so much? I'm Tom Busby where the top places for veterans to land a job. I'm Mike mall. A Memorial Day idea has blossomed in the floral industry. Evan haney. Eating has that it's all a head on America in the morning. Seven minutes.

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