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There's sort of the quote Unquote Know Caucus. There's only a handful of coincidentally most of the people who ended up running for president from the Senate but Democrats who voted against almost every one of trump's nominees even when it was. Eighty seven in favor they would be against she was one of those. She voted against an immigration deal one of only I can't remember the exact number but four less senators democratic senators who voted against that deal because it wasn't progressive, she knows how to take progressive positions. I can see her in the campaign having an attitude of we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA be on the right side of policy. But if you are just set against her I mean I, don't know that there's anything she can do to convince you that she's good enough I think that she has to she she's had enough. You know when you talk about the conversation she black enough she's had enough of these questions in her life that are not always fair about her That I think she knows how to have a thick skin and do what she sees her job without getting too sidetracked by some of that criticism I think first of all for progressives. I. Think that the over the last couple of months. There is a unity team that came together Bernie Sanders supporters and Joe Biden supporters that got together to sort of develop a common set of policy goal. So I think that might be not not as big a deal. To to Democrats notwithstanding the comments we had earlier from some from some progressive efforts. But I I don't think that's going to be the Democrats are so unified at this point of just getting rid of trump that they may be willing to overlook some of the policy differences there will be any as for the convention it's going to be really strange I mean. How Do Democrats? And Republicans for that matter and in a couple of weeks. Generate enthusiasm when you can't. Do it in person can conventions are about a lot of things? One of the things they are there about our to have grassroots activists from all over the country gathered in one place and get really pumped about this ticket, and then go back to their communities and spread the good word. There's going to be none of that. It's all going to be on zoom it'll be on television and. It's really hard to get to get people jacked up for that type of thing we don't know we're we're kind of wondering what will be like to cover this tall and I have covered many conventions and and and it's going to be odd to not be there in the room. So we'll see. All right. Well, we'll see if commonly Harris can fill some of that role tall and Joe. Thanks again for coming on. Thanks. Thanks to my guest today political reporters, tall copen and Joe. Garra fully to King Kaufman for producing this episode and thank you for listening..

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