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Being able to appoint a suitable constitutionalists judge to a position on the supreme court and getting that appointment confirmed are kind of limited you know why because the democrats would say oh you didn't confirm merrick garland went obama point merrick orlands you waited until we could elect a republican president and that's true and we're going to do the same thing and so the court would be forced to go forward handling things like this i awoke law on abortion which is the most hardline antiabortion state law that's been passed it it probably unless the supreme court changes would not have a chance of surviving and voting for republicans making sure republicans win some of these crucial senate races is absolutely necessary now look the odds are good that republicans can hold the senate because the democrats would have to to gain control of the us senate they'd have to knock out to republicans and hold all their own seats and they have a bunch of seeds that are under very real threat the one that is most under threat is in west virginia joe manchin is trying very very hard to to try to run with president trump if you look at his ads he's a democrat and he he will not vote with president trump on any of the things that matter most he hasn't and he organizes with the democrats would organize with the democrats to give them control of all the committees including the committee on judiciary which approves or disapproves supreme court nominations and when the democrats control that kind of committee when they control the agenda they can basically prevent the senate from even voting to confirm any of president trump's nominees and that would be a disaster it's why it's so important that people go out and vote first of all in the primaries because frankly a joe manchin could win the election tomorrow how if this pathetic loser don blankenship actually won the senate nomination for the republican party oh that hurt by the way is good for president trump he tweeted out this morning that it was crucial to vote against blankenship and the best bet probably voting for morrissey who has the best chance of beating him and winning the primary anybody's listening in west virginia please go out tomorrow and be sure to vote for morrissey and why.

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