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Younger younger Greg. He was born in one thousand nine hundred five. Alex Santa Barbara Native Katy. Perry older older. Yes born in. Nineteen eighty-four Kate. Billy blanks first tai-bo instructional workout tape older. Sorry does younger. Nineteen ninety nine all right. Jonathan Howard Johnson's doing with that question. Alex has pulled into the lead. It is three to Alex. The series finale of cheers. That's a really tough one isn't it? It's timeless younger. Sorry it is older in one thousand nine hundred ninety three kate. The series premiere of Frazier older older also in one thousand nine hundred three just a few months after the cheers finale. Alex the first blackberry device older. I'm sorry answers. Younger nineteen ninety nine. Kate Fuji disposable cameras older older nineteen eighty six. All right only a few questions left Jonathan. What's the situation? This is an exciting game. I agree has turned that deficit around. It is now four to three kate in the league. Alex the London I giant Ferris wheel. Remember a movie plot about that being made but under the age of the movie or.

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