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Brian lehrer on wnyc and maybe you like many people were surprised to look at the new york times on tuesday and see an op ed piece by a retired supreme court justice calling for the repeal of the second amendment that doesn't happen every day so we called the new york times and asked can we get stevens on our show to talk about his call for the repeal of the second amendment and the answer sort of was yes justice stevens wouldn't do it but coincidentally new york times columnist brad stevens no relation different spelling also wrote a recent column calling for the repeal of the second amendment and he is our next guest now some of you know brad stevens is one of the times conservative columnists he had long been with the wall street journal editorial page but his mix of us is unique to him he's a nevertrumper also whenever putin are but he also wrote a pro john bolton colin the other day and a pro mike pompeo column a few days before that endorsing trump's hawkish new security team and yes he's a conservative who calls for repeal of the second amendment brad stevens joins us now thanks so much for coming on you're a pretty real stevenson my book your article actually goes much deeper than justice stevens one does but i think you injustice stevens agree on the premise that the second amendment is a relic of the eighteenth century can you start there to make your case.

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