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The cubs then on october fifteenth. They absolutely just the cubs and they do it again. On the fifteenth as well winning both of those games by outscoring the chicago cubs fifteen to nine losey or they win that last game by a score of nine to six to win that record and now i mean the i mean the championship series is one of the most infamous series in. Mlb history on one side. You have the marlins the miracle who had just a few months before we're in the cellar of the end of the nfl and on the other side the chicago cubs who were the lovable losers. Who for a very long time. We're just so close to victory. They jumped to a three to one lead including two out of three in miami and they were sure favorites to take the series when it shifted back to chicago but in game five an absolute stellar performance by josh beckett brought the series back to chicago and back to wrigley were the home team always has the advantage and with the cubs needing to win only one game and having studs like mark pryor and kerry wood on the hill in those games most people thought the marlins hopes were over and game six. The cubs enjoyed a comfortable three to nothing. Lead with one out in the thinning when it all fell apart in the marlins went on to win. The game tying the series. This was the steve bartman incident. And now you can't really blame bartman for the cubs loss entirely in the series. But i mean in. There's still a lot of baseball left. But i mean like it's it's definitely infamous in. It's not necessarily yet but we'll end. We're gonna end with the world series right here and i know got really nerdy about this team but it's a really interesting team at nfl. I find it to be very very interesting. So yankee stadium. Obviously it's a massive stadium game one at yankee stadium. Marlins win by a score of three to two in front of fifty five thousand in new york. They would lose though the next game by score of one to six in front of those same fifty five thousand fans to tie the series at one to one and then go home to play in miami now the yankees would win by a score of one to six as well in front of the sixty five thousand fans in miami to to bring the marlins down to one to two in the series but following eight four to three twelve inning victory. the marlins then went on to win the rest of the series outscoring the yankees by eight four scoring sixty games or six runs in game five to bring this to bring the series to and actually to end the series in miami. Send it back to new york. Giving the marlins a three two lead and then on october twenty fifth of two thousand three eight to nothing score the miami marlins won the two thousand three world series. I mean it's it's pretty amazing. The the world series marked one hundred anniversary of the annual event although because it had not been a world series played in what would have been it. Second year of one thousand nine hundred four the cancellation of all postseason play as a result of the strike in one thousand nine hundred ninety four. It was the ninety ninth world series played. Josh beckett went on to win the world series. Mvp this was joe. Buck from Joe buck quote from him during the during the world series. Trying to win it all again. Slow roller right side beckett. Picks it up tax kasahda in the florida. Marlins or world champions the marlins have stunned the yankees shocked new york and this improbable team improbable. Ride the end up on top winning in six games over the yankees. And that's gonna do.

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