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Will score two tickets to the fight if an old delta accommodations at MGM property on the Vegas strip entering is easy and free just download the bed MGM map create a new account then simply opt into the Wilder fury sweepstakes if you're ready have a bed and Jim account all you have to do is log in an opt in for your opportunity to win a trip to have you a World Championship differs fight was one for the ages and a box you will want to see his rematch and with a decisive winner don't miss the chance to attend one of the biggest fights of the year and fabulous Vegas Las Vegas download the bed India map of is a bit of GM dot com today and out the end to the Wilder fury sweepstakes until February twelfth which is today you got to be twenty one or older gotta be George's fixes apply visit but MGM dot com for a full list of terms and conditions gambling problem call one eight hundred gambler I'm Jim Rome with a radio dot com sports minute sponsored by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance I admit it's been up and down year for the Philadelphia seventy Sixers but they bounce back last night and they beat the clippers in their house one ten to one oh three a big win for a number of reasons starting with the big man himself Jo Ellen be and I'm I'm talking about twenty six points and nine rebounds in twenty minutes I'm talking about Joe well after the game joyless said quote I'm back to doing whatever I want and saying whatever I want end quote that right there is the best thing I've heard a long time Joe well needs to be that guy Joe well needs to be troll well as in troll in be big man embrace it let the troll flow right through you troll well in beating is the best that powers the Sixers gonna make him a threat every single time they step on the floor I'm zero.

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