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Those helmets every night what it takes to to move these guys around and. Just all that goes into a training camp. How many people are involved? I, so you're you'RE GONNA maintain three hundred people bubbles I mean they're even saying that guys are going to get sick. I mean south. He said He. This would be perfect. Petri dish to spread football players, practicing and rubbing up on each other for ninety minutes i. No okay. I, I don't know I mean Will they? Think any of us. Do they clearly? Personal they'll have the advantage of watching other leagues. Beginning takes with respect to this. They've been blessed throughout this entire process of not having to shut down anything significant. As of yet with that said, there's no way any of these leagues can go into an effort to start a season or resume season thinking that you know a few positive tests are going to be problematic. You know it's going to have to take a major outbreak in some serious illness to shut it down, or they might as well not do it. Yeah I I. Don't know where where those thresholds are, and then I mean. If you if the guy gets sick and you, you quarantine them for two weeks or you've got five or six guys sick. How many how many Jews are GONNA be raising their hands, saying. Yeah. I can't wait to go there. On Tuesday you know from my tryouts to be the last guy on the roster for a couple of weeks, dude, come off quarantine, and maybe I'll have scarring in my lungs, the rest of my life or they. You know like I I just. Exactly what Barrow said yesterday, Tommy said to me yesterday said, here's the issue or not, considering if a few people get sick, and we were talking about the NBA, think specifically at the time and you know you've got G. League players getting called up but even players that are already on the roster. How many of them are going to be real excited about showing up for work? The next day of three guys just tested positive. We don't know what the answer to that is, but. And and football's. Next man up I mean and it takes so many bodies to get the seizure and at some point I just don't. You know I I don't know I mean. There's a lot of older coaches in the league and I. It's just I think they've had had a remarkable run here. In terms of the no known cases in the NFL community versus the rest of the world, and the timing of it, and they've been able to proceed as business as usual, but this pandemic has changed everybody's life and I just have a hard time thinking. They'RE GONNA play four months season, and the only thing they're going to have to reconfigure. Is these you know putting more room between guys in the locker? Room I just. Knowing what it goes into making this happen. And and I don't know man. I they will do whatever they can to start. I just wonder about the ability to finish. Great. Thanks for doing this thanks for. My pleasure. Always enjoy it and. And to take. My my dogs, my favorite person in my house after the last three and a half months. Favorite living in the House for away I'm good. Best of luck with the PODCAST. Hope we talked before season in September I. Don Goodman thank you. Thank you, thanks. Jason Lockenfora with his dog holding off until the very last question. Of the interview what dog what patience throughout we heard a few barks there at one point, but great job by Jason and his dog real quick word about hydrant dot, com, top performers and business and sports often attribute their success to their morning routine whether it's waking up earlier setting their goals for the day exercise meditation, but not everybody's got the time to do it all.

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