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Nothing else comes close. Welcome back four minutes to go here. You know, just quickly. I was gonna mention the irony of that whole conversation We were having about the tank here, and we don't need to get into this is that their conversations of trading Jack Eichel are out there like by fans, media, Whatever. So it's just kind of like It's ironic that we all wanted that say we I mean, we're gonna throw myself in there. But yet now people fans tweets everything that we talked about trading Jack Eichel. And Don't forget the tank was for two years. It wasn't to get Sam Ryan hard It was to get the high pick. Number one or two overall pick which lets you take Sam Reiner. They didn't tank for him. And then the next year they tank for either make David or Eichel. So it was two years they wanted to high picks out of what they were doing. Yeah. So Yes. Suffering suffering was the right word. Um Paul Hamilton. So one of those players was for the high pick in the draft that Sam Reinhart was taken him. So now he's having a hell of a year. 22 goals was 10th and scoring. As of yesterday. He may still be, but, um, one of the saber is going to do with him. And what does he want to do? I don't understand why he's never got the long term offer from the sabers. I mean, they've always gotten the short term deals, one year deals, two year deals and I always wonder. Does he feel snubbed by that? Does he feel you know how come I can't get a long term deal and all the other guys have been able to do it or some of the other guys have been able to do it so any, you know, he's not the type of guy that's gonna talk about that if he feels snubbed or anything like that, But you have to wonder with what I mean. He scored 20 goals in this league five out of his six years. Including a short year this year where he's already over 20 goals. I mean, what would he What does he have to do to have to have the sabers commit to him? Long term? Well, he's in 16 games at center. He has 10 goals and 15 points so well that Z He didn't play all that center. I actually figured that out yesterday. When he's played center. He has four goals and two assists. He was on the wing for six goals and three assists. About a lot of that was power play time. That's I love it, Paul. I love it. Six of those goals were power play where he's on the wing. One was when they were six on five Where middle stat was the center of the other was the empty netter when Middle stat was a center. So in 61 in 16 games, it's center at five on five years, what four goals and three assists, four goals to assist six points. That's all right isn't into 500. No, he's been don't want. I don't want to. I don't want to see is not done. Well, I'm just saying what the people were saying out there that he has 15 points. Its center is not truly a six, but He definitely has much improved it, senator than what he was when he was a youngster and all if I were to tell you right now, that next year center Mond would be Sam Reinhart. Going cousins and Casey, Middle stat. Would you be okay with that? Yes. Yes. If they traded Jack Eichel, I absolutely would be okay with that. You're going to get some pieces to play along with those guys. You got to. You got to go for some peace here. You're gonna get you're gonna get a lion share. You know if you were to move a player like Jack Eichel So quickly, Polly, we have 45 seconds here, and I just wanna ask you give me a term in a contract number for actually. Wait. Is that 10? Seconds We had Jay Harris..

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