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A p radio news i'm jackie quinn as lawmakers work on the tax overhaul plan on capitol hill there is a surprise today senate republicans are including a measure that would repeal a part of obama care our soccer mcgarvy report it's a surprise renewal of the failed effort to end the socalled individual mandate the gop targeted as a way of saving money lead could help pay for deep tax cuts the congressional budget office estimates repealing the mandate would mean thirteen million more uninsured americans in ten years the house tax bill right now does not include or repealed attorney general jeff sessions told a house committee that he never lied about the trump campaign dealings with russian contacts or his involved mass story is never changed of all always told a true and i have answered every question to the best of my recollection and now will continue to do so today democrats questioned inconsistencies in some of sessions accounts another american communities dealing with a mass shooting police into hama county california say that a gunman driving stolen vehicles and choosing targets at random opened fire without provocation near people are dead ten others wounded including a child at an elementary school authorities in tampa florida are urging residents to take precautions now that a fourth pertinence been fatally shot we want people to come outside together we don't want people long bets interim police chief brian dugan who says that residents and visitors at the seminal heights neighborhood need to keep their eyes open until the killers caught pacific gas and electric company is being named in three lawsuits that have been filed in california it is alleged to have been negligent in the wild fires that killed more than forty people and destroyed more than eight thousand homes the lawsuits allege that tree maintenance was not performed this is ap radio news.

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