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Hello everyone and welcome once again to be on the grade with me Tom and well. What a season opener! We had in Austria at the weekend. Breathless racing reliability issues the extent to which we haven't seen in years and some overtaking controversy. It was F. one at. It's brilliant best as a spectator. It was hard to keep track of what was going on, so just imagine for a second if it was your job to know everything that was happening on track and in the pit lane. From Roman garage on exceeding track limits to Lewis Hamilton and Alexander Album colliding in the closing stages, or even Sergio Perez speeding in the pit lane. There would be a mind, bogglingly complex task, and that's where my guest this week comes in. Michael Massey is the Formula One race director and safety delicate. He's the most senior FIFA official attending every race, which makes his office in race. Control the place by the buck. Stops He still relatively new to the job having taken the reins at the start of one, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen, following the tragic death of his predecessor, Mental Charlie Whiting on the eve of last year's Australian Grand Prix overnight, in what was only his tennis race working for the FAA Michael stepped into the breach, and he rose to the challenge, magnificently remarkably given the responsibility resting on his shoulders. Michael is only forty one years old. That makes him just a few months older than me. Reichman yet at races. Kimmy has to danced his tune. But Michael wouldn't be intimidated by anyone in the Formula One paddock. Young, but he's the hard yards into. Get where he is today back home in Australia. Senior roles in Super Turing and supercars. was even the CEO of Rally Australia and his first touch points with Formula One were in Singapore and career remember that where he was heavily involved in delivering the inaugural grown praise for those countries in two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten so hopefully you're starting to build a picture of Michael in your head. Well, let's now hand the canvas to him to complete the picture. From running races to running drivers briefings, Michael has one of the most interesting roles in Formula One and he discusses all I. Hope You enjoy our compensation..

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