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Saddle stitched a million times more than it needs to be honest with you. But it's a good stitch and yes that's why did you see. Did you change to business when during during a little bit. I mean trouble getting autism kit initially when st supplies and things in europe or slowed down and nobody. We'll be still gonna get hold of this that and the other but nothing nothing serious. There was a little bit with slump for about maybe two or three weeks and i think once people start getting furloughed. Everything went the other way so i was getting loads of orders because people were sat at home. They're still getting paid and they would. I'd land so they're gonna on internet and looking for stuff to spend their money and my my best sales so mechanisms word of mouth so if someone gets annoying i'll get a phone call off brother or father of a friend of and then leads to other people and so forth so that's how that's how it works but yeah it went. It went crazy so march. April last year was insane. And as i'm saying it's going to be six months. You happy to wait yet. It's almost like the the longer wait makes it more aspirational and so of wanted item. Which is preserved bizarre. Because i didn't. I didn't want to say it's going to be nearly half a year. But they go. Yeah no problem. No problem talking. I'm like okay great and protective order pop in the book and then you know weight goes in when i get around to get round to it. What about people wanting to see where it's made g did you. Because people can spend the money on something that you'll make it calms me of the emotional connection through life. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean after. Be very mindful of this and if if if i know people in obviously i'm happy to come round but i have to do a little bit of background on people sometimes because again all sorts of folks get into randoms..

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