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My garage at my garage shop at sixty two wish degrees all year round? Well sorry sixty two in the winter Which is most of the day a year here Come it costs me very little to keep it running like I I was. I was kind of bracing myself for a big jump. Electric Bill likes it a luxury of having my shop e conditioning. Not In there. 'cause I at this point it's like I've got enough tools that I wanNA keep my tools rust free and I want the shop beautiful when I walk in instead of waiting for three hours and not wanting to put my hand on the table saw. Because it's so ice cold freeze on and it's I'm shocked at how cost efficient this super affordable I install one of the DIY. Units that has already sealed Mister cool right is at the combat. You have to Mr Cool and it's been great and Didn't you have some trouble with that? For a period I did I had to have IDA warranty issue with mine at the company completely replaced it So did they descend you a new one or they send you parts they try. They go through a process of first trying to send parts to solve the problem And then after that I just kind of said this is not working. I needed to do when they said we'll send you a brand new one That's it you know. I like hearing about companies like that. I mean I think it's unrealistic to expect. A company never has a problem with the product. Right it's not it's made by people in sometimes people make mistakes. Yeah but when they take. They took care of the problem yet. These are very common where it wasn't like. They were difficult parts and it was like a motherboard or the fan motor like we went through like two steps like that. No and this was from I give a little shout. Ingram's I forget Ingram's heating air conditioning or something. But it was a it was a big national seller that you can order. Asia quit from online. And they're awesome. They're awesome to deal with that so But anyway so yeah I love it. It's quiet. It's cost efficient great job keeping the space conditioned. I'm thinking about putting another one up in my upstairs area which is like a walkup attic master bedroom for the same reason. I have an old house. I have one return duct on the main floor of the House and the upstairs in the summer gets really hot. His adjust once the ground level floor of the house gets cooled down from the central air unit. The upstairs is still blazing So I have to put a second air conditioner up there in the window. I only have one window. So it's that Juggling Act of is it. Is it so hot that I knew? Ac unit or is it. Cool enough. That I can open the window and after unit out. So it's a pain in the ASS Some thinking about another one up there But I would I would I explore and we talked about this a little bit off air but I. I want to explore that idea of adding other return duct and seeing if that solves the problem. You know 'cause the upstairs is just not it's sort of like they rain duct of there to try and get some some heating air conditioning. But it's not really numbly communicating with the rest of the house. So it's not working and I want to see if that will solve the problem before spending the money on an additional unit you know. Do you have a a dispe disparity in your players downstairs temperature in the in the in the summer I do but I have both return upstairs and downstairs so I can control that just with the by controlling the vents on my registers or reducing the intake right. That's that's another way to go. I can you can just sort of I have. It's like fourteen by twenty two. I believe you can actually reduce it just with a piece of cardboard for example but the risk there is if if you cut the airflow too much the a coil which is on the top of the air handler. Right can freeze up just because there's not enough air moving across to to to to keep it from freezing right. It's it's too static. Yeah Okay but like for example this gentleman's house Only has one intake. So I'm not suggesting reducing that one but I would think absolutely get another intake I it's unclear. I'm assuming his intake is on the first floor. Second Floor He indicated that there was a one return. Air Grille upstairs and and there were supplies and all the bedrooms right. Yeah so I think that's part of the problem is it's not pulling the hot air out of the bedrooms right. It's pulling it probably from a hallway or some less than Absolutely Sam central spot. Can I tell you wouldn't? Hvac CONTRACTORS GONNA do is. They'RE GONNA call them up and they're gonNA say what you need to do is put an Air Handler. Ac and then you need to say hell no not putting air in my attic. Stupidest idea in everybody in the country should stop doing it. So that is the go-to solution for H. Fat Contractors. This is to sell you more equipment and right and the problem is that it's going to be in uncondition space all year round so when you're trying to make hot air the cold air around the ductwork is going to cool it off when you're trying to make cold air to air condition. It's going to be hot air all around it taking the Hulu away. So that's a problem. Sorry to me to distract you. My dog is lying under the table out in barking. Like he's relaxing embarking at the same time. Being close to the mailman coming or something. I love mini splits. Generally but I don't think that's the solution to this particular problem because like most people want their bedroom doors closed. So you're not GonNa have any mixing of that air out if you know you're GONNA have to put one in every room which would be complete overkill and completely expensive and then you've got to run the thing so I mean could do. You could do like a seal. You could do us. A small -ducted mini split. Set up you insulated properly above the ceiling. Blame the the reason why I was saying it. Patrick for my places I. It's a one room upstairs. It's a walk of master sweet. I mean it's a small house so before anybody starts picturing his police master sweet. It's a small room but So it will be easy in my case to just condition it but it is sort of a You know one of the like Collins talk about playing with the adjustment. So that you're pumping more heat upstairs Like you weren't saying that because you're saying you have another return up there. My worry is like if I crank it up and just trying to get more more air conditioning to the upstairs all newness alleged kind of pressurizing everything. And that's not really. It's it's not the solution to get more cooling up there. It's like the problem is that it's not pulling out. Yeah Yeah I think I would as a first step and you don't need to spend too much money right so going Amazon by an Anti Monitor. Check the airflow of your supply ducts right and make sure that they're in line with downstairs. If there's less airflow I would try and get more going upstairs. Less downstairs to counteract that hot air you have sitting around up there and And if that doesn't work I would try adding some more turn air Dock work in you know ideally the return air ducts and the Supply Ducks. Add Up to the same square inches in action. So if you had eight by ten duct on the supply side you should have eight undocked on the return side and unfortunately most H. Fat Contractors always under size return air ducts and. I don't know why that is but it creates a number of problems. Then you're experiencing one of them so I mean if you can find a good age FAC or home performance contractor. You know this is what they do and You might ask for their guidance. But as a first step I go on Amazon spend fifty bucks on and see if I if if the system is at least balanced. Can I ask you much amador because I've never yes won't be I looked it up While you're talking here and it looks like it's a smaller. Unit would like a little fan basically gauge. So do you take the you just take the register on the grill often. Just hold it over the opening with while the systems running. Or How do you do it? So you I would start with the the way. It's presently set up with the the registers closed or open the way they are and just hold the thing there and see what's coming out of it and try and get them to match up if they're already matched up upstairs downstairs. Try and get more more airflow upstairs monitor. I'm buying one. I'm not a big brother and say the word what's Jeff I said. Talk your brother into buying chatter. Amador's shift in my house though. Make sure it's working. I I think I gotta get one of those to add to my little geeky. Talk it through a Mamata. She's GonNa get a core drill instead that might help but the airflow issue to you could just start punching holes in the duck right same thing. We've put God. This is pretty fun guys. I'm I'm grateful that you were able to be on the. It's funny like this. Is Our social interaction now at least speaking for myself. You guys probably have more friends an idea but this is like one of the highlights of my days hanging out with. Y'All are you kidding? I have no zero friends. Yeah I mean I'm talking about Anna monitors over heroes. Well I hope listeners will email and describe how they're coping with our current crisis and what they're working on I'd love to share some of that stuff in the next episode one. I want to share something because I got it for for old fans of the show. You might remember Mr Rob did and I as an extra special treat. I got a photo of Rob Who during quarantine has shaved off his beard but only left a mustache and it is hilarious. So I'M GONNA GET THAT. Photo Rob Watson could put up on the website and we won't tell Ya doing it. I don't have permissions eases photo. But it's pretty rare respirator. Now I think he just looks like wider. I think he's just trying to mess with wife but Freddie Mercury. Actually yes yeah yeah. Oh that's pretty funny anyway sorry no F- Any of you listening out there have anything we should have on the show. Pleased us and.

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