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Very long time i love my lady which she recorded back in 1980 one it was written and produced by nile rogers and bernard edwards of course of sheikh um um and i'm thrilled that this is finally coming out and i have so many questions about it and i have also a a wonderful memory of getting to speak to you a few years ago at the grammy awards on the red carpet and i asked you about it and you're like well i don't know if it'll ever come out talked to the record label and now here we are it's finally coming out with what what were those recording sessions like with nile and bernard back in 1980 one was it a wonderful experience did you enjoy it very mex so i didn't know what they expect expected of me um i had uh uh i have my own way of of recording and this is quite different because they were right there uh in the studio with me and um i sort of for did some of it uh piecemeal uh they would say sing it this way and i would and i'm doing the best i could and and of course it always turned out to be a little different from what they asked me to do uh so it was a wonderful experience for me as a as a singer uh recording in that manner uh i love it because first of all what happened is one i saying it they would put it together right then in there.

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