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All of the news. You would probably miss data's quick. This is crazy evidence of a new human species, founded Philippines. According to the Wall Street Journal, fossils unearthed, a limestone cavern part of a previously unknown human species that roam the island about fifty thousand years ago, they found a handful of fossilized teeth and bones. And they said that it looks like it so far it's evidence of what they think is a previously unknown human species small jawed with dainty able to walk upright. But with Pete still shape to climb. They said these island creatures were a mix and match patchwork of primitive and advanced features a unique variation in human form, very interesting. So there's going to be I can't wait to read more about it. But they said that that they think that they're. These specialists in human fossils that have dozen or so species of hominids as as closely related human species recalled may have coexisted around the world between fifty thousand two hundred fifty thousand years ago in jurist. So this was yeah. And an Callow colo- cave northern Philippines, brazenness, right? Holy cow. A new caravan is heading for the United States one hundred thousand of those legal trying to illegal illegally enter the United States caught in just one month, the same Pedro Soula and Honduras about a thousand people gathered there Tuesday night last night to form a new caravan. They said that there's probably about eight hundred thousand to one police official there told who told agents France-Presse that still doesn't mean that it's gonna be allowable. It's not going to be allowed still, you know, can do it whenever you want. But this is not going to be left. This is really sad. And and but heaven forbid, we have a serious conversation about mental health because the guns it's all about and gun owners fault. The number of children going to the suicidal thoughts and attempts has doubled. This is so sad. They said that the numbers doubled between two thousand.

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