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Announcement from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services adopt US kids and the Ad council. Common news, 1000 and FM 97 7. Welcome back to the coma politic cast. I'm Jeff Pooja anti Mask. Protesters in Vancouver will now have to stay at least a mile away from any school building. That decision from a judge in Clark County comes currently in. Johnson has the details. Parents upset about students being forced to wear masks at school have been protesting it. School board meetings are outside school buildings across the country. But a protest last Friday in Clark County, said three Vancouver schools into lockdown as a group reportedly tried to get inside a locked school building. Now our partner station K two reports of Clark County judges granted an injunction barring demonstrators from holding disruptive protests near school campuses specifically within a one mile radius. That injunction will remain in effect as long as the mask mandate does. Our state has mandated all students and staff where masks at school or on the bus. Typically, local control by districts trumps the state, but not in the case of Covid. Carlene Johnson Colonials. Meanwhile, the Covid outbreak is so severe in Cowlitz County just north of Vancouver that the corner there has asked for an emergency declaration so he can bring in a refrigerator trailer for all the bodies. Corner, Tim Davidson told the county commission he needs to expand capacity until the new morgue opens in about a month, The Longview Daily News reports. Funeral homes are also maxed out. We'll be right back September 23rd is national Checkers Day. It's also National Great American Popeye Day and in celebration of National Bourbon Heritage Month. September 23rd is bourbon spirited Thursday at Virginia, ABC,.

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