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Thirty eight degrees and colder weather heading towards christmas from the weather channel i'm jeff marr wlsam 890 with another update and thirty minutes it's thirty three degrees warmed president trump is praising the final passage of the tax overhaul saying we are now poring rocket fuel into the engine of our economy more in this report till report tax reform in passes president trump going all out to celebrate passage of the one point five trillion dollar republican tax cut package inviting all the republican members of congress to the white house lawn and basking in their praise like this for house speaker paul ryan thumping this big something this generational something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership mr president thank you for giving us over the finish line thank you for getting us where we are and that's what democrats want to hear a senate democratic leader chuck schumer landbased the gop for passing the bill as he puts it against the will of the american people republicans will rue the day they pass this bill and you can bet democrats will make sure of that meanwhile the government shutdown clock is ticking toward a friday midnight deadline and congressional republicans are scrambling to finalise a must pass spending bill this time it requires democratic votes i'm michael toscano and earlier the president pointed out that at and t announced a short time ago that plans to increase capital spending and provide a special bonus to some two hundred thousand us employees now cnbc is reporting that third bancorp announced plans to raise its minimum hourly wage for all employees to fifteen dollars and distribute one time bonus of one thousand dollars for.

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