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Denying someone a vote is to silence them. Today, President Biden will lay out with the White House calls the moral case for voting rights. In a speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This as the president is pressured by Democrats and civil rights activists to fight efforts by Republicans in some state legislatures to restrict access to voting, say the Democrats. Democrats in the Texas Legislature fled their state and are in Washington this morning. The move intended to try to stop Republicans from passing new voting laws. Democratic State representative Chris Turner do not make it harder to vote in Texas, which is the hard Artist state to vote in already And Republicans continue to ignore them because they are determined. To do whatever it takes to curry favor with. The Donald Trump base. He talked to W. J L A. T V. Republican governor, Greg Abbott is warning they'll be arrested when they returned to Texas. He says those Democrats should do the job they're being paid to do. This is a P news. Some finger wagging from the World Health Organization, As many Americans wonder about getting a covid booster shot, I might grow CIA reporting the World Health Organization says Rich countries should donate coronavirus vaccines and not use boosters. The top official at the World Health Organization is voicing concern about Western countries distributing third doses of coronavirus vaccines when many poor countries have yet to immunize their people at a press briefing w H O director general Tedros at Denham Debris is so it's called On drug makers to prioritize supplying their covid 19 vaccines to the Africa Vaccine acquisition task team known as Kovacs, and too low and middle income countries with very little coverage. Both Pfizer and Moderna have agreed to supply small amounts of their vaccines to Kovacs, but most of their doses are reserved by rich nations. In recent months, Vaccination efforts in nearly 60 of the world's poorest countries have stalled. I Mike Rossi up and I'm Rita Foley AP News I'm Rita Foley with an AP amusement it Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott is furious with dozens of Democratic state lawmakers who fled that state so the Legislature couldn't vote on what the Democrats say or voting rights restrictions. These people want to be hanging out wherever they're hanging out on this taxpayer paid junket. They're going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year because he says he's going to keep calling special sessions to get the job done. Not only that, he says, when the lawmakers return to Texas, they'll be arrested. Meanwhile, at an airport outside Washington, Democratic State representative Chris Turner stepped off a plane more than 50. Democratic members.

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