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Number eight magnification particularly catastrophes ation or minimization so we maximize the awful the catastrophe or we minimize yes the positive this is a thing i see with people trying to get for weight loss their goals fifty pounds hey they got five that's a good start but it's never the end goal so it just gets shrunk into it doesn't matter anymore but that's the victory that you have to celebrate the allows you to know that you're moving in the right direction without celebrating that you're building up more tension of pressure pressuring herself for the end goal yeah when you exaggerate the importance of things all of a sudden you start focusing on with benach yours is the binoculars trick you start focusing on the only thing in front of you so when your magnifying you're focusing on the negative you're focusing your focusing you're focusing on the negative well that certainly becomes a catastrophe then that's the only thing you can see that's the land ahead is negative i mean we've encountered this not only in clients that we've worked with we've encountered this and business partners yeah easy to catastrophes it is easy to see the negative outcome is being the greatest worst possible outcome and the imminent inevitable outcome because we're wearing those binoculars writing restored in that direction so taking a step back and saying wait a second why does it have to be a catastrophe this time it may have been a catastrophe last time but it doesn't have to be a catastrophe this time right when you task is you give up responsibility you give up control and you start to shy away and allow your anxiety to drive you and i wanna go back to somebody said earlier if you lower yourself to do this one time i then you then you give yourself credit a a reason to allow yourself to do to times and all of a sudden now you have a habit of doing this and i've known some world.

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