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It is the work flow all of the beautiful audio of the last twenty four hours I've heard out of it yet at least in theory it is time for producer Josh Claire's throat and let out is how old sure the floor is thank you mark I will lead to Wayne take the cue and tell you simply to there you go it's time to shut up mark let's hear some sound garden with listen to some sound you haven't heard before you get to the actual game we'll see we actually have time to do it yesterday mark we heard from a newscast on KGO TV where a child is just getting in the way of a reporter and we had something similar happened this morning this afternoon I should say on KNBR I was just a bite of salad I saw her again close this charge that's not working get out of my office are working so get there from Greg Papa well Bob what was Bob look at what dot com well this was a bad what what what website was that it might have been maybe not a something you should have been looking at I work at maybe I cannot say for work website I'm just a bite of salad so I don't know what I'm life is that's what he said but I think it's like a live well this is this is probably the trickle down from what happened with Joe Bach earlier today very very small thank you bye adult website that said put out there that they're willing to pay one million dollars for Joe box to do play by play of yet all add up the most brilliant thing that happened on social media this week was that Joe responded to the news and said you know depending on what website this is I'd just be giving me a box of of my own body which which is the absolute perfect way to play such a ridiculous story let's face it that might be the greatest thing that jobox ever done so well and then I also saw people say you know what would be really fun is if you actually just take the job and there are in the midst of doing the play by play drop him a line he dropped on Randy moss with Randy did the the fake perhaps moving Green Bay or is just like the others it does cost a display and actually work you've got to his his new job it's an idea I'm sure someone online is already done that will do the research we're here.

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