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I just love to sit here and allow the truth to rain down upon me i'm so tempted to respond to this tax message and just go did you read the article did you do any background on the people that are doing this to their own people you should say also let's see here this guy we'll pick on this particular one okay see that's the kind of crappy deal with you you see people that read the headlines well ever looking any further into the organizations that are doing these very things who owned al jazeera america recently sold it in his name beginning with al name was more nobody asked the question you know why tipper told him they hit the bricks just absolutely amazing all right let's see what else we got out there because you know we've got some kimmy stories same stories i go saying once you got all right let's take a real quick look at this one where they timelag that suggest a great deal of care and thought went into the final product north korea's state media aired a forty two minute long video offering its perspective on the historic meeting president trump and kim young earn in the narrative kim is heroin the state run television air the first of the three videos i'm sorry and photos of the summit on thursday two days after the event and a full day after kim return home to peon yang a lot leaders of different countries have visited singapore this is from the video but it's unprecedented in the history of singapore to have streets filled with the welcoming crowd like this this according to re chunghee the news reader on state media streets were full of people admiring the supreme leader for his brilliant political skills to lead complex and eventful international politics the states media representations of the summit and trump according to the article is important because it gives north koreans an idea not just of what's going on but what the response that the government expects now cnn reported that the video was likely some north koreans first glimpse of the world outside the borders of the reclusive country and kim and this is from cnn was the star of the show it's showing pictures well clad women primarily cheering in the streets in an undated votto.

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