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Well, Jim Carey as you said looks a lot like Dick York, but because he has that sort of Old Star Not Mike. He sort of has that old school. Hollywood face like that John. Chin and the hair. He looks like a nine hundred fifty s movie star when he's not being silly, he's look I think. Will Farrell was handsome, but he is more like sort of adorable I guess. He's in Carey's cuddly Jim. CARREY's hot line carries hot. He's. Very Very beautiful man. Like. Jim Carrey in liar liar is like a great look kind of hot dirtbag. So okay, so now sued. I do horny on main like he's. No He is and even just like he's like in his. Off the! Off The farm like bearded like white t shirt zone. I'm like what he's the hottest version of that like he. He's just got that energy. And this is the thing Dana I feel like you asked at the beginning of the episode, and now that we've done all the table setting, get into the many questions about the internal logic of this movie. What kind of star is Will Ferrell supposed to be in this movie? It is a thing that drives me crazy in movies about fictional movie stars where you cannot even identify an analog for what he's supposed to be because it's like it seems like. Are we supposed to accept? Accept that Wolf Errol's very self, serious conventional a-list drama star, because that seems to be the types of products they talk about in the mid section where he gives her like the comedy lessons seems like this is a guy who came out of sketch comedy, and learned like funny faces, and funny walks, and his teaching her pratfalls, and then you see all the clips of the movies he's been in. All of them are like a bad prestige movies yeah, like Syria, their parodies of incredibly serious movies, but the and I'm putting joke in quotes like the joke. Is that in these prestige series movies? He's like doing bad mugging. Right because. Does, not look like he is a guy who was in Mel Gibson mood. To believe he was the. The other parodies. One right! NOM won Vietnam, and those are the three UCLA. Yeah, there's the thing that's most infuriating to me that I could not wrap my head around was also that he is a hated movie star that looked. Women are like Oh Jack. Jack. What's his last name?.

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