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In Sweden for beat sexy. Part time. And anyway, still plow drivers have it rough. That's for sure. My husband did that for many years. Did he really sure dish to get any meal boxes? I don't know. Did take out a gas line? One time. Ooh did explode. They had. I mean, they had the rushing call. The actually you know, what it wasn't him. It was his partner. Okay. And his partner was running over to. And they did have to call national grading everything like checked out in the area. Call before your buddy. It's very scary. But that was probably fifteen years snowball, big trucks, and they got a lot of work to you. And you know, the thing is too sometimes the rear view mirrors in a car stays parked sometimes review America's clipped on a car to. Oh, sure. Sure. So you shouldn't have your cars parked out on the street. I know that like you mentioned yesterday. So people have nowhere to put their car. It's tough. It's really tough. And I feel for them. I really do. So just put it on the back of a tow truck. And then you haven't got. Joe said, sell it. You could sell it. Yeah. To sell it too late now, but next snowstorm. Snowstorm. Yeah. Could you put it on shop just for a day or two until the snow emergencies over background the summer? Yeah. You'll get five hundred dollars for then you go to buy it. And it's like, oh, yeah. That'd be fifteen hundred dollars. Right. Yeah. Sela back. Yeah. I well. Anyway, I hope people take it save. It is a very nasty day. It's gonna get even colder in nastier is the wind starts to blow later frigid frigid cold. But tomorrow big celebration will Martin Dr Martin Luther King. It's also was birthday. I forget, I I wish last jerk. It tells you how old he would be. But I don't remember. Now, I'd have to I'll have to double check. It's very late eighties. Maybe even in the ninety now I'm not sure but very late eighties. But big celebration at the Empire State plaza tomorrow, and you can just Google that w well actually Martin Dr Martin Luther King junior Empire State plaza. The whole schedule is really how shot Jennings. Former running back for the giants will be one of the speakers tomorrow, very got entertainment. They've got the lady who sings on Broadway. Oh, an actress, and it's really good. So it'd be a lot of fun. So a very nice celebration of his life. Yeah. You would be ninety is that what it is. I know in his eighties. Thirty nine and nineteen. Nine years of that's young. So if you add fifty one years to that that'd be. Time longtime the impact he made was enormous. Absolutely. Yeah. Big. Plus a lot of folks will have the day off tomorrow which works to their advantage to because they don't have to you know, right to work tomorrow, but chugging Kelly, I guess we'll be on the schedule which is rare for those who would even chalk anywhere on a holiday. But I mean, they were offer like three weeks just a like a week ago gives it doesn't bother them. They'll take another week here or there. I talked probably mad that I got to stay at the hotel last night. He's probably got a call manager. What are you putting him up? He's part time. So what if he doesn't make it and we get somebody else? I want his motorcycle member said he wanted didn't make it has a terrible thing. Tuck your hover around anyway Alicia any closing thoughts before I know you have to get back to work. But we thank you for your work today. You've done a fine job keeping us everything that we needed to know. It was a busy morning. You're busy double busy. Busy rat Roberts. Park your parking spot out there, by the way. No I parked in his spot. I yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm glad Russell got here safely. I'm glad you guys got here safely. Glad you got here safely. 'cause if you weren't here safely Zack, and I would have been lost. You should have done the news. You could have done the news and weather..

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