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Shaw Bell as your host might go secrete the best advice from the world's smartest and most interesting people by asking them just five questions. My guest today is the twenty fifth. US secretary her tariff Defense Ash Carter born Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Ashes father was a doctor military veteran and his mother was a teacher after graduating. Abington Senior High School. As the president of the honor society. He went to Yale. College then became a Rhodes scholar at the University of Oxford from nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety-six. Ask served as the assistant stint secretary of defense for International Security Policy during President Bill Clinton's first term during this time he was responsible for strategic affairs including the US nuclear weapons weapons policy. He continued to work his way up the hierarchy until two thousand fourteen. When President Barack Obama appointed him to be the twenty fifth. US Secretary of defense after after over thirty five years of service. Ashra book called inside the five sided box about what he learned during his time at the Pentagon in this episode ash gives us his insider sided perspective of his decision making process relationship with the troops and advice that's applicable to our lives outside the five sided box. Most people don't understand how alumini both the Pentagon employees larger than stabs of GE Amazon. The world's largest company so talk about the responsibility walkability of manner gain in working with so many people hiring firing through what that's like in some of her decision making process to big responsibility. But it's if you think about it. A lot of important things in life with making sense of people can wake up in the morning. Their kids send him off to school. Tom Go to work live. Their lives dreamed your dreams. You can only have that if you got security secure. You don't think about if you don't you think about nothing. He also is. It's like oxygen regard and we provide that that oxygen and so wonderful. Wake up in the morning and that's a lot of responsibility but it's really noble thing to do stuttered hold your at the garden. Workforces battlefield other countries. I was talking about empathy before this. How do you guys them and connect with them everywhere. Every every place for people to avoid compute Dr Joao her their only job faced with abandoning. And I'd always tell them to this. The first is wire here with me. This and the second thing I tell is how noble their mission and how proud I was a and they would understand. That knows talking to them. I wasn't only Sarpi to them. I was talking to their families and I would stand out in the one hundred twenty res. The Desert Afghanistan and or rock and Shake Hands I.. I'd see the leaders of the country and Mike Commanders. I'd always always goes to the troops and every time. I should have a picture of me and we would give those pictures to kids and send them home and nat pictures. GonNa show up as get sent home mom. It's going to show up on her bedside table or the mantle and she doesn't know the sector defenses dances and don't care but she wants her loved one in that issue to look like they're doing something really really important. There is the secretary you can tell you tell suit. Can you see the flag and I.. I wanted to look at that picture too. Great for the whole family. I I think little things like that in a big organization or beef things. Yeah the word con. Dao were most associated with you mentioned. That's who you hire. That's part of why you fire back part of why dress the way. This is the first time I've wore for a SEC. A separate in bitterly two years. Just tell me more about your personal conduct impact. You think that's mere career. It's into rare to go through thirty seven years of uninterrupted garment and I was always in Washington and I was always a close enough adviser that I was a special boy and I never was investigating for it now. Why is that. I quater did anything but secondly I never even got close to and there's so many ways that you can cut corners corners or seemed to cut corners and in public life. I think in life in general but but you can't have that kind of thing in the profession of arms warfare and in leadership of something serious depends on the need habit either. What is the responsibility all year. During turbulent times and what are the first few steps being able to handle that and being able to connect with the report that they're confident that you've ever will be when you entered what I'll call a crisis situation You're usually any sense. You know you don't really know what's going on therefore you can't really know what you're supposed to do. The worst thing in the world is not to say or do anything leader so the question is at what do you do in a crisis when and you know you don't know all the facts and here's my advice. Don't be styled. If you're silent the worshippers will okay going and you will seem feeble indecisive and that takes away the room that you need to do the right thing. Whatever this crisis turns out. So you need to say something. I just say a few facts that will satisfy people. Aw that you're willing to speak. You're not trying to hide anything. Don't go out and tell them everything you don't know because then you look foolish eventually. Eventually you will know you wanNA show communist so say would you now. Secondly even though you don't understand the situation you can't know what old ashes tape do something. Give your people instructions. They crave that because they they need to know that everything's GonNa be okay and they'll play a role once these curve us. People ask me all the time they say I met her four here and I've got I've narrowed it down to Jude Joyce's and what I really WanNa do is eh Eh but if I do not do it but it. It'll lead to this thing. And they had this whole billiard shot. We're finally after bouncing scene often number of cushions and go to law away doing a bunch of things they don't WanNa do finally knock ball pocket. My advice is to do you. Ask Yourself when you wake up tomorrow. We're you rather be going to work. And that's not a self-indulgent plot is eh lodge goal instrumental thought. 'cause if you wake up tomorrow and do something that you you really like you too well and that will carry you forward. You'll excel at if you do something that you just think is. I had a longer Shane. Indeed you do it poorly and it won't lead anywhere So I think it's both Good emotional advice but mm-hmm more importantly it's good instrumental advice INNIS. That's the important. That's what I find myself in my own. Life does the advice. I'd give anybody thank you so much for sharing your wisdom ash to follow this journey. COMEDIANS book inside the five sided box and fight him on instagram and twitter where he shares his live appearances media interviews and his book a tour to watch the full extended video version of this episode. Where I ask ask even more questions you can go to Youtube. Dot Com slash. Dan Shah about so. We hope you enjoyed today. Show and the amazing advice. Our guest provided remember that you can only benefit from advice. If you packed on it before are you. Do we would appreciate your feedback. In the form of review you can leave a review on itunes stitcher or Pod catcher of your choice your or feedback would be very much appreciated head over to Dan. Chevelle dot com slash review now..

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