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In Ridgewood queens, foiled, the attempted abduction of an eleven year old girl to NYPD officers were rushed to the hospital this evening when they're cruiser slammed into a tree to Belize involved shootings in New Jersey and on Long Island nitrous been given a deadline to avoid a potential federal takeover. Police are investigating the death of a four month old baby boy at the hotel, Pennsylvania and President Trump is asking congress to come up with a replacement for ObamaCare after a federal judge in Texas declared it unconstitutional the jets the Texans twenty nine twenty two the islanders x the Red Wings four three in double overtime and the devils. Play the islanders in Nash, the devils. Play the predators. Nashville cloudy and fifty Saturday, December fifteenth good evening. I'm neato Bonita city. News update, the future of the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare in doubt. Now following a ruling from a federal judge in Texas that it is unconstitutional. Frederick is executive director of the healthcare advocacy group families USA publican leaders in congress made the decision to. To repeal the individual mandate that was in the Affordable Care Act, and then immediately very conservative attorneys attorneys-general decided to put politics in front of the needs of the people in their state, and they went ahead and sued for now the law, thus stay in effect as other states appeal, this verdict, maybe all the way up to the supreme court whose chief Justice has saved the law before. But now comes up against his own words Roberts rather unwelcome event. His Bill has come due the thing he used to save ObamaCare is gone. And so he will either have to declare it unconstitutional or he will have to come up with another clever way of saying that this law is valid legal expert Jonathan Turley CBS news update on Tom Foty, WCBS news time, ten thirty two would be kidnapping was foiled by a father of two in queens this morning WCBS reporter Mak Rosenberg's spoke with the good Samaritan. Alex Alice's daughter will tell you. He's pretty protective as a parent. I used to go to the score. And I live right across the street. And he he wouldn't even let me walk across. That's how protective he is of me Leah Salazar's in tears talking about what her father did for someone who is not his own flesh and blood this morning. An eleven year old girl was crying for help just before eight AM Salazar's getting ready for work and heard the screams. I looked out. I saw the gentleman had the the girl he had a picked up sideways, and forcing her into the car say ran downstairs with a baseball bat and found out the girl had no idea who the would be of doctor was Alex was able to fend off the man who also had a baseball bat and the girl into his car, but faced with a terrifying situation. Alex says she didn't give up the best shelter. So she fought she screamed, she did everything. And she used her phone. She say though life. She did everything the right way. I was just did a helper. She called nine one one and the cops came and took the man forty year old Roelant Estrada into custody. Hops told Alex he's a sexual predator in Ridgewood, queens, MAC, Rosenberg WCBS. Newsradio. Eight eighty Connecticut's health insurance exchanges extending its open enrollment period for another month access health, CDs announced Saturday afternoon that customers now have until January fifteenth to sign up for coverage that starts on February. First the previously planned extension comes after a federal district court. Judge in Texas ruled the Affordable Care Act is invalid following last year's tax cut Bill. Access health. C T chief executive officer. James Michelle says the ruling does not affect the ability of Connecticut residents to sign up for an us twenty nine thousand nine insurance plans through the exchange next year, the New York state legislature will consider a Bill requiring police officers to call for medical attention for people in custody. If they it WCBS reporter Mak, Rosenberg has more an attorney general report says Andrew kearse told police officers nearly fifty times he was having trouble breathing upon his arrest in may of two thousand seventeen when he fled from police after being pulled over in Schenectady police dash Cam video shows that and also shows the cops doing nothing until kearse collapsed. It tried to.

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