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Giving people that otherwise couldn't get involved with the with buying young horses and and better stock and different partnerships the v. general partners in these partnerships. They have different agents that they use different trainers that they use. And sometimes you're involved sometimes. You're not but The business have been so good to me and the the mon- the bottom line is i. I'm very comfortable with the career. That i had and i wanted to keep that intact and i thought this is a good way to to accomplish two things. D do that and at the same time Still do what. I do what i wanna do. Every day And do it. You know you know for a for a for a person first off and and a trainer such a show so it really was kind of as i say i i know i said there's five times ready but it. It was a short conversation talking with trainer. Neil howard here on the horse racing radio network trainer talk presented by phasing tipton. If you are just joining us. Neil will be stepping away from his role as a full time trainer to take a job in kentucky as should mcgee. He's assistant trainer and they have been friends for a long time and he was just talking about some of the similarities with their careers. Neil you had that wonderful relationship with the parishes and they did a lot for you and a lot for your family and for your career shook had the phipps family who did an awful lot for him and for his career so even from that perspective there is wonderful. Synergy there between the two of you. Yeah very similar You're you're you're one hundred percent right. I can't add anything to that and on that note. I you know. I have I i'd like to feel like i have the the the knowledge and the background to operate the way. Shug you wants to operate which is in a very quiet and unobtrusive matter. Just go about your business Focus on what you're doing taking care of the horses and It that simple. We're going to spend a lot of time talking about your background and how you got started. We'll go back to the early days of neil howard but since we brought up that relationship with the ferris's incense will farish. his family. Meant so much to you into your family. Tell me a little bit more about how that relationship began back in the early eighties. What do you remember about the first time that you got. That phone call ran into them for the first time. Yeah well i actually. My association with mr farris was one hundred percent A result of of mike cline. Who was we'll just retired Mr fair shoes. Long long. Long time manager and who mike had been in the in bob with taking care of mr berisha's mairs when mike was managing big thing farm before mr parrish Opened up when when lanes and was just being developed And mike and i used to had had worked on the racetrack together. For mac miller and actually might even was responsible for getting me the job with macmillan which turned out to be kind of a turning point for me in the business. And that's where feel like i. I got the education of a lifetime. Not not so much with the horses but just also had to carry yourself Had it had interact with people. And cause you know mac miller. They has cliche all over the place but they they. There was a reason. They called him the gentleman trainer and because he was and everybody he approached everybody that approached him. he was just watch him around people with just it was a treat in itself and you learn a lot by that watching saying too much. That's the way you learn but anyway so But in my first job on my own. When i left Mr miller to go on my own. I had an opportunity to get started at in ohio and the ohio circuit and my and my wife's boss. Pg johnson who she was galloping horses four boys responsible for me getting that job and And after a few years. During that i wanted to kind of get wanted to go to kentucky and kind of change things around a little bit. We knew that's where we might might be a good idea that would help us. Take the next step. And i might could talk to me about coming to work at lanes end farm and that's just shortly when lane. Dan opened he told me. Mr head is visions would just on limited on on on what he's plans are and it would be. He thought it'd be a good idea to for me to come to work at the form. Which i did and i mean mike didn't pink me any any Any big pictures or tell me that. I'm sure this will happen. That will happen but It did happen. This happened and that did happen. I worked there and and there was a circumstance that occurred and a situation with up to me when bill carroll One of mr. Pharisees agreed as friends and trainer. He had horrible a terrible accident at keeneland and lost his life and So del. Julia was training cammisa. Farish in new york and Kind of a thing. That was opening there with a terrible loss of of of del. Carol and i took that.

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