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Charlie. Reader printed himself as the people sheriff during the height of the road and murder investigation. Sheriff readers passionate pleas for justice earned him the trust of his community as a sheriff pike. County were at three hundred fifty six days into this investigation of got a message for the killers. We will find you. We will arrest you and you will be prosecuted. As this case niche forward. The spotlight grew brighter and brighter and that area. Because of this case and i think he enjoyed the spotlight to a degree. I think he had greater political aspirations as well. Here's producer chris graves speaking with investigative reporter. Jodi bar he covered the road. Murder case for fox news nineteen in cincinnati. What kind of power does a sheriff wheeled in a community like fight county. He was the closest to the people. Pike county and you see that with a lot of elected officials in more rural areas that you know the sheriff is literally the top dog in the county. He is the face of law enforcement. He controls what happens with law enforcement. Where patrols happen and he so as far as an elected official as far as a person holding. Power your sheriff in these areas demand. Something like that. Go to someone's head you've worked in law enforcement yourself for quite a while. Oh yeah you see it. a lot. Police chief sore sheriffs or somebody who's recently promoted to a supervisory position. I mean thank goodness. That doesn't happen to a lot of them but some of them the dodge now whether that happened here not i don't know but yeah that that very much could happen as the rodman moved into. Its second year. Some disquieting rumours about sheriff reader began to surface as we began to spend more time out there. We started hearing the rumblings that arison corruption out there. We had heard rumors about him. Intimidating people and possibly taking money from people who were in the drug dealing business. I know i for one was told by some of my law enforcement sources in the cincinnati area. Hey you need to be careful around him. He sturdy and these were just people that were my sources who said you know. Look i just want you to be aware. Be careful

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