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Ken. Kfi john and ken show john to- belts ken. Chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. We've been talking about the over. The top violence in some of america's biggest cities. La had a very bad july fourth holiday weekend chicago most violent weekend of twenty twenty one one hundred people were shot. Nineteen were killed. The mayor of chicago is this lori. Lightfoot joe biden came to town today. There's there's a mensa meeting. She met him at the airport immediately. Asked for help violent. What does she want the national guard. The know what. I put the prisoners. Put them up arrest them and put them away and keep them away. Don't let them out again. What has biden supposed to help the chicago. Police superintendent is a guy by the name of david brown who told reporters that it's the judicial system which is making this bad. they're releasing even murderers electronic monitoring. Yeah he actually asked the reporters this if they think it's okay to have over ninety people on electronic monitoring that we've charged with murder release back into our communities he said. Just show your hands. Who thinks that's a good idea. Nobody did then he then he said something like well let the record show that. Nobody raised their hands. Saying it's a good idea in the reporters protested saying well. We're not allowed to have an opinion. We're not allowed to answer questions like that budget idiots. You know then. People deserve this. You deserve this to happen. If you vote for idiots and they're idiotic policies yeah the fund the police. Yeah let murderers out of prison early. Put them on monitoring Gps devices. I mean that is preposterous. It is riddick so what are you know. They're killing people at a record rate. You're kidding me. How did that happen. Who saw that coming. Meanwhile back in california. We covered this story a month or two ago when they announced thanks to prop fifty seven that they're going to look at the cases of seventy six thousand inmates over the next several years and they may be eligible for earlier release. So a bunch of da's up and down. The state immediately filed a suit. They wanted a preliminary injunction against the california department of corrections and rehabilitation and the ruling yesterday from sacramento superior court. Judge right now. She's rejecting that request but says there is a likelihood prosecutors could ultimately prevail. What kind of a decision is that. I don't know take it to some other judge. Almost any other judge would probably stop these. Stop this process. I won't but everybody else will that i read that. I read that three times. And i don't get it. What do you mean. I will not stop the release. But you're probably gonna win the case. Anyway it says here. There's a likelihood that the department of corrections did not apply the proper rulemaking process in enacting the regulations because the da's had charged that they did not get enough input from the public not from the crime victims and their families as required. And i guess the judge was trying to say ultimately that could be the finding..

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