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The Jews of snow and Tom skilling tracking it all he has our first look at the forecast Hey Tom yes indeed guys in those six inch totals and maybe a spot or two with that seven or eight inches will be south of us but will run down the numbers here in Chicago precipitation begins about one to two AM in the city it's coming in from the west and southwest so to start a little sooner out there in the west and southwest suburbs ends around noon tomorrow but could flurry beyond that thinking now trace to an inch up by the Wisconsin line there's going to be as steep gradient in other words a big change north to south across the area in Chicago and the I. eighty corridor two to five inches out of this and up to five to eight inches Streeter khaki key and run sillier there is our low pressure responsible for the inclement weather it will whisk by the area and turn the winds around the southwest in the afternoon on Saturday that could pump those temps up but we're going to come back and tell you about just where the snow will be at that time periods in the future including for the morning rush hour in just a few minutes guys on the full weather segment back here all right sounds good I'm sorry you bet now to the latest on the cover nineteen pandemic today Illinois recorded its largest one day spike in Culver nineteen related deaths health officials announcing one hundred and twenty five people lost their lives to the virus and that brings the death toll across the state to more than one thousand there are now more than twenty five thousand positive over nineteen cases in Illinois we've also learned that a third CTA employee has died his name has not been released but the agency says it was a bus mechanic he had worked for the C. T. A. for the past twenty years CTA officials called me hard working and dedicated gentleman two other CTA workers have died in the past week two more people have died in the last twenty four hours at the symphony of Joliet nursing home a total of twenty five deaths in just one facility family shocked and wondering how it could have happened WGN's Patrick Elwood live in Juliet with the latest Patrick hi guys good evening to you once again we are hearing from family members tonight some of them saying that they were not informed of the gravity of the situation just couldn't get any communication could not talk to their loved ones and when all was said and done they didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.

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