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My show is levin tv that network is crtv management decide who's the buddha bring into crtv i have no saying that but i do have a number of friends like michelle malkin and crowder and dais kitty who are part of the network but i don't want there to be any confusion i don't run the network i run levin tv and uh and that makes for good tv i thank doesn't it get a focus on what i do i also want to thank the rights scoop who has a post of like in record time i dunno help brian does it over there my opening monologue which i will link to on my social sites i think you'll like it if you if you heard it and want to hear it again or if you you missed it well we'll make it available to you all right let's take some calls here we'll have time to do this rich all right let's go to michael washington dc on the mark levin app go hey mark you'd be be to the park the tower on and i do well i look at these players right the come out they neil stand up to take the field they play an electric car accident so many were however or you very much right yet wouldn't that be more a powerful statement if they refuse to play said and by the way i don't even look at the call screen and time going to calls so trust me yeah i said they should go on strike and teach us a lesson now i'm right now i know you're not a fan of the whole know thirty three dimensional underwater backgammon now that trump that bottom right of course i mean by by trump speaking out about their he's basically delegitimise a whole new way if you will right get they're not nearing again i mean i ask you this why shouldn't the present a comment on it everybody in the world spent commenting on it by trump shouldn't comment on it and if he does he's divisive i don't know when trump said he ought to fire their you know what i said to myself i would at trump paid event tape in levin tv and the cameraman or one of the cameraman keeps making a spectacle that i'd farther cameraman to get the.

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