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Hoping for that kind of work. And research and nuggets and notes. When the Beavers go toe a regional next week, if indeed they do, and Today's performance is buoyed Those hopes without question that there will be a destination for the beeves in the tournament will see, though Monday morning we'll find out nine A.m., ESPN two. 22 pitch to eternity is outside Kyle's had good at bats. Last night, flying out to deep left field went from 02222 and hit a ball to the fence. 32 pitch taken down in a way for ball four. Like this young man's approach. He's walked twice that to hit scored twice today. He trots to forest, bringing Wade Meckler. To the plate. Heckler, who struck out popped a second been aboard on a big error to down Nobody on in the fourth at a fly ball to center Brock Jones came in misjudged. It started to break back on the ball, then was a little late in coming in on it. And eventually was charged with an error. I couldn't tell whether the ball went off the glove or not, of Jones. But evidently it did. It led to a three base era back. We're going to third fever scored two runs in the inning. Unearned. The pitch to Meckler, Mrs Highball one want to know? Wilder Nettie on base for the fourth time and his five plate appearances at first The one Oh pitch to Meckler, very high from Mayer ball, too. Do we know Max Mayer, appearing in just his seventh game. Seven innings of work. 18 hits, six walks, eight strikeouts Teams have hit 5 14 against him. Two balls and no strikes to Meckler Meyer delivers high Ball three Do you know? Has stricken as the Beavers have been in some games this year. If the bees come score more runs. So be it. Bring him behind eight tow one bees in the top of the ninth inning three. You know the cow admire out of the high set position delivers up and in Ball four. Back to back walks issued. Bye, Max Meier. Justin Boyd. The batter Thomas eager is on his way out to the mound, and that's probably going to be it. Or young. Max Meyer and indeed eager takes the baseball from Meyer. And we'll make another call to the bullpen here. And the top of the ninth inning. And coming out of the bullpen in the right field corner will be Jonathan Worley. First time we've seen Jonathan on the weekend and probably very familiar with the Beaver's own. Kevin able, as Worley hails from San Diego High Tech High School. In beautiful San Diego, California. Jonathan Worley will come in The seventh picture of the afternoon for Stanford. Beavers have used pfennigs Burns and Mulholland top of the ninth two on one out 81 Beavers. It's sunken diamond back after this and.

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