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They're getting some of this done. By not having Billy Bryson line of Joe makes him in the lineup. Tyler I for is now going to be gone vaunt as perfect missed the first month. So there's Michael Johnson missile time, press Brown, missing timeline. Either starters are big, big time players that healthy out, but. I just that's not a sustainable way to get to the playoffs to win in the playoffs to give up twenty plus points game too. You know you, you will need to show that resilience factor. You will need to win these games that are close games come for behind contests in all of that. You know that that's you're going to need to do that. Especially when it comes in January and February, just that's part of that's going to happen. But week to week, I don't think that's a sustainable thing. Now I'm saying the bagels to blow out everybody they play, but I just I worry about the points per game. I worry about the yards given up per game. I worry about the disparity in turnovers the past couple of weeks. Now things could change and you know, terra Lawson could turn things around, but as exciting as the skill positions are on offense, I worry about the sustainability. Win with defense in. You know. Going forward here. I also worry about. Once again, the offense of line, I worry about if Cincinnati's ofensive line can continue. What a date in the first two weeks and not I, there's a, I don't know if there's a Jacqueline high thing. I two weeks. They were pretty good there. Okay. Yes. Outs Redman Bobby Hart had had their issues cordy. Glenn was very good. The first two weeks. Billy price was pretty good until he left the ravens game with an injury trait. Hopkins's filled in admirably center, but Redmond at heart continue to be issues. Now, Glenn is having some issues on the left side of the past couple of weeks. So. I don't know what's going on there. I don't know what's going on there, and I hope that it improves. I'm very curious to see. Sounds like Billy price won't be back until maybe you know, close to midway in the season week seven may be, it sounds like so. I don't know. I don't know if you know you keep price in their keep Hopkins in there. All that just kind of depends on things, but as good as we feel about this win with the Cincinnati Bengals. My point is is there are a lot of question marks the scene. There are a lot of issues still at the surface of this team in while a lot of people are saying, yeah, jump on the Bengals bandwagon. All that. I just don't know that. Dave shown their true potential or maybe they have shown who they really are, which is score lot points give up lump points. My thing, you look back to two thousand five when the when the Bengals offense was putting up a ton of points all that. But the big reason why they were doing that is because the defense was turning it over so many times in putting them in short fields, where were all these great skill position players in that great offensive line continued vantage. Early in the year, the Bengals offense. Any kind of did that. And obviously the defense scored that touchdown on fumble recovery. We won. But. You know. They're not turning it over as frequently now, and I don't. Luckily the offense is pulling their way, but. I don't know. What do you think? Bengals fans? You can let us know in the live YouTube channel. You can call or text. We've already got a couple of text messages, which I appreciate it. We'll get to that in just a second. You can call or text nine for nine, five, four to six, two four one nine for nine, five, four to six, two four one.

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